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Catch Action, Adventure, and the Animal Kingdom on National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild


Stay glued to your TVs this December with a slate of fresh programmes on National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild! 

Keep your eyes uncovered as you follow the brave men and women who venture into the unknown with Called to the Wild and Countdown to Disaster: White Island Eruption

Curious to discover planet Earth? Join the journeys of archaeologists as they uncover the secret of Egypt in Lost Treasures of Egypt S3, then scour the land, seas and skies in a different continent to find the most dangerous creatures in Africa’s Deadliest S6.

Don’t forget the animal kingdom! From heartwarming tales of intelligent and playful creatures to action-packed fast-paced stories about deadly predators, we have something for everyone with our Monkey Business, Cheetah-thon, and The Frozen Wild stunts this December.

Check out the TV highlights below:

Heart of the Brave

Called to the Wild

Premieres Thursday, Dec 16 at 10pm on National Geographic (Astro CH 551) 

Following in the paw prints of incredible canines, we’re challenging modern human-dog teams to compete in an epic adventure race. All eyes are on our survival teams as they venture into the remote wilderness, battle harrowing conditions, and work together to prove they have what it takes to be Called to the Wild.

Countdown to Disaster: White Island Eruption

Premieres Friday, Dec 31 at 9pm on National Geographic (Astro CH 551)

Countdown to Disaster: White Island Eruption, tells the story of the complex rescue of the victims stranded on the volcano Island following the  2019 eruption that killed 22 people. The story is anchored by 2 young tourist helicopter pilots – Tom Storey and Jason Hill, who defied official police orders to fly to the active volcano immediately after the explosion.

Search & Discovery

Lost Treasures of Egypt S3

Premieres Thursday, Dec 9 at 9pm on National Geographic (Astro CH 551)

In season 3 of this immersive discovery-led Egyptian series, we follow the adventures of archaeology teams working to unearth the world’s richest seam of ancient treasure. Investigate Ramses Rise to Power, uncover the Secret of Egypt’s Queens, explore the Rise of the Mummies, and discover The Mystery of Tut’s Tomb on National Geographic this December.

Africa’s Deadliest S6

Premieres Wednesday, Dec 15 at 8.30pm on Nat Geo Wild (Astro CH 550)

In this 3-part series, we scour the untamed planes of the African continent in search of some of Africa’s most efficient, dangerous and deadly creatures. They lie hidden beneath murky water, soar the vast skies, creep in the cover of the golden grasses – when Africa’s deadliest are on the move – nothing is safe! 

Animal Kingdom

Monkey Business (Stunt)

Premieres Tuesday, Dec 14 at 8.30pm on Nat Geo Wild (Astro CH 550)

It’s monkey mania! Join us as we follow the intimate social lives of these intelligent and playful creatures. Start with the endangered white-headad langurs in China’s Secret Monkey Kingdom, and journey on to curious gorillas, cheeky bonobos and even a deaf silverback in Secrets of the Zoo: Hanging Tough. It’s a primate lover’s paradise you don’t want to miss!

Cheetah-thon (Stunt)

Premieres Saturday, Dec 18 at 8.30pm on Nat Geo Wild (Astro CH 550)

Lean, strong and fast, cheetahs are one of the leading predators on the savanna. Catch Secrets of the Zoo: Flamin’ Hot Cheetahs, where we explore the big cats of Columbus Zoo. Emmett, a beloved cheetah, might have seen the last of his running days when an old injury mysteriously resurfaces. Meanwhile, the team at The Wilds anxiously await the birth of resident cheetah Wangari’s cubs. Back at the zoo, a laser fast and seriously smart Cheetah named Kesi proves she’s nobody’s fool. Plus, three orphaned cheetah cubs join the family!

The Frozen Wild (Stunt)

Premieres Thursday, Dec 16 at 8.30pm on Nat Geo Wild (Astro CH 550)

Winter is here. Ready or not, creatures big and small endure the coldest and most unforgiving landscapes on the planet. In Wild Arctic: Kingdom of Ice, discover the remote and unforgiving terrain north of the Arctic Circle ruled by the power of ice. From the Arctic Ocean to the barren tundra and frozen forests, this hostile wilderness becomes a battlefield for nature’s toughest animals. Then join Dr. Michelle Oakley in Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet Compilations S4 – Vet Below Zero, where the WILD woman of the Alaska and the Yukon responds to the call of all animals in need.

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