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What Has Befallen On Our Foreign Policy

  1. Earlier today, FMT reported that the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) was deployed to intercept 16 of China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force planes which had strayed into Malaysian waters just slightly north of Borneo.
  2. The headlines were blaring on this one. The insinuation was that it was a sign of aggression by China. Until of course the truth came to light that the planes were on a training flight which encroached into Malaysian waters.
  3. Not quite the act of aggression to warrant an interception by our own air force, definitely.
  4. China’s over-enthusiasm at free access over the waters of the South China Sea got the better of them.
  5. Considering this is China we are talking about, and given the defenders of Democracy are hell bent on demonising China for their own gains (and for their allies too), it seems our leaders got caught up in the anti-Sino fervour perhaps to curry favours.
  6. After all, how would you explain the preferential treatment to an Israeli flight passing through Malaysian waters but military aggression for China?
  7. It makes one wonder, what is happening with our foreign policy.
  8. It would seem that so long as the Axis of Democracy led by an agenda favouring Anglo-American superiority, supports a nation, Malaysian leaders are prepared to fall in line.
  9. Never mind that Malaysia does not have diplomatic ties with Israel but does have diplomatic ties with China that is easily over a millenia old. Because vestiges of the colonial masters say “China is our enemy”, so should we also side with them?
  10. This makes me wonder, was that why the current Malaysian leaders supported Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s acts of aggression against Yemen despite it leading to one of the most tragic humanitarian crisis the world has seen?
  11. And is this diplomatic bias against the “Axis of Evil” also why, our leaders and specifically leaders of Islam in Malaysia, have been pathetic in voicing support for Palestine? Because Israel is a protectorate of the Defenders of Democracy, ergo, thus Malaysia’s support is withheld.
  12. This is an outrageous betrayal of Malaysian diplomatic values of fairness and justice for all mankind regardless of their political leanings. These are the same values that underpin the call for the South China Sea and South East Asia in general to be a Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality i.e. ZOPFAN.
  13. If this bias is indeed true, then the Malaysian leaders have betrayed our trust and truly turned us into a nation subservient to the Defenders of Democracy, to our detriment.
  14. At a time when the power of the young and the masses are uniting against political ideology, and favouring social and humanitarian ideologies, this turn in Malaysian foreign policy is guaranteed to set us back a century or two in our standing as a civilised nation.
  15. But then again, how civilised and democratic are we to continually be under a state of Emergency simply for political reasons?


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