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Dato’ Joyce Yap, CEO (Retail) of Fahrenheit88 (L) with Andrew Yap, Co-Founder of BookXcess Sdn Bhd (R)

Kuala Lumpur, Tuesday, 3 February 2021 – Leading book retailer, BookXcess has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fahrenheit88 Shopping Mall to be the anchor retailer in Hijau, Fahrenheit88’s latest retail destination. Located on Level 3, Hijau is an extensive revitalization development transformed with a fresh, new ambience where people can work, relax and shop, activating the area beyond the nine to five work day.

Under the agreement, BookXcess will move from its current location on Level 2 in the mall where it has been since 2014, to take up approximately 13,000 sq ft permanent space in Hijau. Becoming the largest bookstore in the Bukit Bintang area, the new store will generate a unique, mesmerizing environment where one can explore books of all genres, including fiction, sci-fi & fantasy, romance, self-help, children’s books as well as gifts and souvenirs. The design will reflect cutting-edge aesthetics that is young and unique, unlike any of their other BookXcess bookstores. This bookstore will be the first bookstore to showcase a curated corner, one that is solely dedicated to fashion, design, architecture and art. Many related activities and events will also be held at Fahrenheit88 to create a niche book haven in Kuala Lumpur’s golden triangle. In every sense of the word BookXcess at Fahrenheit88 will be a celebration of ‘contemporary art space’, an ode to ideation and all that is intrinsically creative.

With younger shoppers placing more importance on social change, nature and sustainability, retail has seen a shift toward more conscious consumption as people revaluate their impact on their environment. Conscious consumerism and a renewed appreciation for nature, has lead Fahrenheit88, a city-centre mall, to evaluate what it can do to connect with this segment of shoppers. With Hijau, the mall aims to fulfil a demand of shoppers looking to relax in an urban environment, by creating a green pocket and a sanctuary of calm amid the busy thoroughfare of Bukit Bintang.

“We are proud to announce BookXcess is the first retailer to be welcomed to Hijau. As a long-term tenant of Fahrenheit88, we have developed a good working relationship and mutual respect over the last 7 years. BookXcess has a deep understanding of the market audience and taste of shoppers at Fahrenheit88, and will undoubtedly be a very suitable addition to the unique concept that Hijau presents. We have long understood the importance of store environment in enhancing the shopping experience. The garden landscape at Hijau is a positive shopping experience and we cannot wait for shoppers to enjoy it in 2021,” said Dato’ Joyce Yap, CEO of Retail, Fahrenheit88.

“BookXcess is thrilled to be a key part of Hijau and we appreciate the confidence and trust that Fahrenheit88 has placed in us. Our presence in Fahrenheit88 has grown from strength to strength through the years and we are excited to take it to the next level. We are known for our innovative store design and we are always up for the challenge of developing unique store concepts. Our new BookXcess store will perfectly complement what Hijau has to offer – a sanctuary and space for the community to converge, interact and shop with ease of mind. We have already adopted green elements and brought nature into some of our other bookstores but BookXcess in Hijau at Fahrenheit88 will take our green and sustainability credentials to an even higher level,” said Andrew Yap, Co-Founder of BookXcess Sdn Bhd.

BookXcess estimates monthly sales of RM500,000 for the first year under the COVID-19 pandemic, and anticipate a year-on-year growth projection.

Strategically located in the heart of Bukit Bintang, Fahrenheit88 is a fun, vibrant and iconic shopping destination targeting young trendy adults, who love great variety of affordable lifestyle fashion and beauty. A brand-new retail destination, Hijau will span approximately 22,000 sq ft. With a green outlook, Hijau offers entrepreneurs opportunities to nurture and build their businesses with feasible business models and packages. To shoppers, Hijau offers them a green space to escape, relax and hang out amid the city’s bustle, complemented by exciting retail and experiential opportunities. Targeted to open in Q2-Q3 2021, Hijau will draw a crowd of the mall’s primary market predominantly young, trend-setting and urban. In addition to shopping, Hijau will also be a destination for immersive on-ground activations, with the aim of developing into a hub of exciting shopping, experiences and relaxation.

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