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The warm-up list!

A mini Independence Day will hit Malaysia on the 4th of May. Just now, the PM has announced that ‘almost’ all economic activities can resume operations under conditional MCO. I know, many have already rejoiced the 2 persons per household shopping trip last week, imagine what could happen on the 4th of May.

Since Malaysia has managed to flatten the curve which makes economic recovery activity now possible, many Malaysian have not flattened their MCO-weight gain. At that time, we were hoping that the fasting month could ease the cravings, but then, all offerings are made available online, with the relentless #stayathome promotion. We are contributing to the domestic economy.

And we thought we can wait till the 12th of May, before we even begin to familiarize to a new norm, working environment post-COVID 19.
Before I mumbled too far, I will share with you what I’d do this weekend. Just to get the engine warming up.

No harm to watch Captain America The Winter Soldier today 1st of May on Fox Movies. In fact, for the whole Friday in the month of May, FOX Movies brings you a superhero compilation that of course ended with Avengers: End Game on May 29th. Now that we are back in action, we need to relive the spirit.

But, if you missed office politics or just general politics billionaire style because you opt to continue WFH, I recommend you watch Billions. Already in Season 5, it will premiere on the 4th of May. So, what do you think Chuck has planned for Axe? I love this series not only because of the plot, but because it reminds me that money is just a number game, well, of course, they are talking about billions of… other people’s money. And I miss Wendy, and I secretly wish I have a Wendy to give me the ‘lift-me-up’ vitamins when things are down, like the situation we are in now.

We still have NCIS, the one with Jethro Gibbs. Sorry if I am biased, but he’s a credible agent. And I will believe if Mark Harmon says he’s a real agent.
The rest of May, Astro also brought to you The Long Shot premiering on the 2nd of May. I have a soft spot for the exes-get-together movie, so I will be watching this too.

Till then, still, be safe and take care!

FOX Movies
Astro CH 433 (SD) / 413 (HD), unifi TV CH 401

Premiering on May 24, The Lion King is the live-action remake of the well-loved classic, following a young lion prince who learns the true meaning of of responsibility and bravery after his father’s murder.
Premiering on May 2, a journalist is hired by his childhood crush as a speechwriter for her presidential run in the romantic comedy, Long Shot.  
Every Sunday, from May 3 onwards, Pixar Fest features one installment from the Toy Story franchise. Get ready to relive your favourite adventures with Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang! 

FOX Action Movies
Astro CH 415, unifi TV CH 402

Premiering on May 6, Out of Time follows a Florida police chief who must solve a vicious double homicide before he himself falls under suspicion

Astro CH 704, unifi TV CH 453

Premiering on May 4, the 5th season of Billions sees a renewed focus on the rivalry between two of New York’s most powerful titans, along with the rise of some new enemies.

Astro CH 713, unifi TV CH 454

With a new episode every Thursday, Season 2 of What We Do In The Shadows continues the story of self-appointed leader Nandor, British vampire Laszlo, and temptress Nadja on their quest to rule Staten Island, New York. Star Wars’ Mark Hamill also makes a guest appearance in this horror comedy.

National Geographic
Astro CH 571 (SD) / 551 (HD), unifi TV CH 508

Join Céline and Fabien Cousteau in Legends of the Deep (premiering on May 11) as they dive deep to explore some of the greatest ocean riddles of all time, including a 40-year-old shipwreck, a UFO sighting and the Bermuda Triangle.

Join Céline and Fabien Cousteau in Legends of the Deep (premiering on May 11) as they dive deep to explore some of the greatest ocean riddles of all time, including a 40-year-old shipwreck, a UFO sighting and the Bermuda Triangle.

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