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Referring to a press conference held by some film practitioner associations recently urging the resignation of FINAS Chairman Dato’ Hans Isaac and for YB Gobind Singh Deo to be dropped from the portfolio of the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM), we the Minority Media Organisation (MiMe) urge those involved in yesterday’s Press Conference to go back into their caves and pore over their absurd allegations.

Immersing FINAS into controversy has become almost fashionable these days for some, but one has to look at the heights FINAS has achieved these past months and the all rounded benefits for all sectors of the entertainment industry.

YB Gobind recently announced a 10-60% price increase in rates for productions to be aired on RTM TV channels. The first time since 1986 such change is taking place, a move that can now encourage producers to increase the quality of their television productions and pay artists, creatives & crew a higher wage. Many in the industry had given up hope that any increase would be likely, but YB Gobind’s office has pulled it off after 33 years.

Not forgetting Dato’ Hans’ tireless efforts in engaging KWSP and PERKESO for the benefit and welfare of our artistes and crew. Plus FINAS, together with the KKMM, has agreed to sponsor insurance policies under PERKESO for 240 veteran actors and actresses in 2020.

Statements were made that Dato’ Hans Isaac made trips overseas utilising FINAS funds, but it was not brought forward that he and his delegation have secured a potential RM 200 million investment into the Malaysian industry in only 3 months of travels to MIPCOM, ConnectAsia and the Asian Television Forum. Such statements were most likely made by those disgruntled for not being included in the delegation.

This month, Australia and Malaysia have finalised a bilateral film co-production agreement, paving the way for producers in both countries to collaborate more closely on projects for the big and small screen. An opportunity that will open up huge possibilities for Malaysian talent and creatives to expand their talent beyond borders, for our little industry to grow and flourish at an international level. Again, there has only been empty hearsay of this agreement for the past 8 years, but it is finally actualised only now within 2 months.

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but frankly so many positive changes have happened in FINAS in the past few months of Dato’ Hans Isaac’s tenure. YB Gobind and Dato’ Hans have only led by results and elevated the industry to greater heights.

We are very sure all these wild and unsubstantiated allegations are made by those aligned to deep state and the former kleptocratic administration, bent on sabotaging the Pakatan Harapan government. For now, MiMe urges all parties to support the efforts of the government & FINAS, and not bash them unnecessarily for personal gain and publicity.

Minority Media Organisation (MiMe)
11 December 2019

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