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Anjelica Huston fronts new campaign by The Woolmark Company, reminding us just how easy it is to care for wool

  • Research shows US consumers believe wool is difficult to care for;
  • Anjelica Huston stars in the latest campaign from The Woolmark Company to combat wool care myths;
  • Wool is easy to care for: the fibre is resistant to stains, odours and creases so actually requires less washing than clothing made from other fibres.

The Woolmark Company has today launched a humorous care campaign to remind consumers how easy it is to care for wool clothes.

Teaming with creative agency Born & Raised, the US-focused campaign is fronted by Academy Award winner Anjelica Huston and fellow actress Katie Michaels in a series of entertaining short films, as we discover why Ms Huston really (really) cares for wool.

From unwanted balls to the Bordeaux truth, Ms Huston gets bored answering everyone’s super simple questions about washing, drying, spot cleaning and storing wool, so she starts imagining the sordid story behind the stains instead. Along with her long-suffering assistant Frances, Ms Huston reminds us how easy it is to wash, dry and care for wool.

“Wool is the most stable love of my life. It’s natural, cosy and comfortable and very easy to care for,” explains the Queen of Wool Care, Ms Huston, in the first of the films.

With “easy to care for” being one of wool’s inherent but lesser-known benefits, The Woolmark Company has added some flair to care to bust the myths that wool is a fussy fibre.

“Our consumer research shows that care is one of wool’s biggest barriers, so we have set out to change that,” says The Woolmark Company Managing Director Stuart McCullough. “Further AI-based research confirms wool care is a relevant consideration for purchasing wool apparel, with US consumers believing that solving this connection will drive positive perceptions for the fibre. This campaign will address some consumer pain points around how to wash wool clothes.”

The digital-first campaign has been optimised for SEO to drive consumers to and the series of short films will be rolled out across social media from today.

Why washing wool is easy

Wool is naturally stain resistant, odour resistant and also crease resistant, so actually requires less washing, saving time, energy and water. This means that caring for wool is both easy and gentle on the planet. But when it is time to wash wool clothes, you can either wash them in a washing machine, or hand wash with ease.

A recent survey into the wardrobes of 1000 global consumers, conducted by Nielsen, found that wool garments are amongst the longest kept in the wardrobe, are washed less frequently and tend to live on through re-sale or change of ownership. The Global Wardrobe Study also found that wool clothes are washed less often than other types of clothes and at cooler temperatures and had a very low presence in machine wash and tumble-dry options.

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