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Aims to Attract USD 2.5 billion in Global Trade and Investments

21st October 2019, Dubai, UAE: Malaysia led by Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment, and Climate Change (MESTECC) has kicked off construction of its “Rainforest Canopy” Pavilion during a groundbreaking ceremony today, to begin construction within the 4.38km2 World Expo site’s Sustainability District.

Far Left : Tuan Syed Ahmad Syed Mustafa (ACEO/COO Greentech Malaysia)
Second Left : HE Tarid Sufian, Malaysia’s ambassador to UAE.
Second Right :  Dr Mohd Nor Azman 
Malaysia at EXPO 2020 Deputy Commisioner General
Far Right : HE Najeeb Al Ali, Exec Director Expo Dubai 2020

As a symbol of sustainability, Malaysia’s Deputy Commissioner General, Dr. Mohd Nor Azman Hassan, presented on behalf of the Commissioner General, Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd Azhar Hj. Yahaya, a Rajah Brooke Butterfly frame to Mr. Najeeb Mohammed Al-Ali, Director General of Bureau Expo 2020 Dubai. Rajah Brooke, a species of Malaysia’s butterfly unique to Borneo is used in #MyButterflyEffect Campaign, resonating from Malaysia’s participation in Expo Astana 2017 to Expo 2020 Dubai to encourage and empower Malaysia in inspiring a sustainable world for all.

The Rainforest Canopy Pavilion, detailing the Malaysia’s theme “Energising Sustainability”, spans 1,234.05 square meters, comprising of four segments – Energising Today, Energising Tomorrow, Energising Harmony and Energising Business. While “Energising Today”, focuses on how agri-commodities have shaped the socio-economic development of the country; “Energising Tomorrow”, showcases Malaysia’s commitment to becoming a high-income nation, while reducing carbon emissions. In addition, “Energising Harmony”, encapsulates how Malaysians of diverse cultures, traditions and races are working together towards the nation’s progress; and “Energising Business”, portrays the role of the private sector, state-owned enterprises and government initiatives in promoting sustainable development across all industries.

A group photo with the HE Najeeb Al Ali, Exec Director Expo Dubai 2020; HE Tarid Sufian, Malaysia’s ambassador to UAE; Dr Mohd Nor Azman, Malaysia at EXPO 2020 Deputy Commisioner General; Expo 2020 Dubai officials, the Malaysia Pavilion team, Hijjas Architects and Planners as well as the contractors for the Malaysia Pavilion.

Designed by Hijjas Architects + Planners- a Kuala Lumpur-based and award-winning firm, ‘The Rainforest Canopy’ was inspired by Malaysia’s oldest rainforests which include its prehistoric rainforest Taman Negara, in Pahang. Estimated to be over 130 million years old, Taman Negara is Malaysia’s premier national park and one of the world’s oldest rainforests.

“Malaysia aims to attract USD2.5 billion in potential trade and investments, capturing 1,000 business leads with 20 memorandums of understanding or partnership agreements signed in our six-month long participation at Expo 2020 Dubai. Malaysia Pavilion provides excellent opportunities for world business communities and calls for business partnerships with our 200 organisations/businesses ranging from Sustainable Agriculture and Agricommodity to energy, STI, environment and climate change, culture, tourism and youth, e-commerce and ICT, trade and 4IR, women and community development trade to tourism, from sustainable agriculture to energy, STI,” said Dr. Mohd Nor Azman Hassan, Deputy Commissioner-General for Malaysia in Expo 2020 Dubai, who is also Deputy Secretary General, Science, Technology & Innovation (MESTECC).

Set to be a sustainable architecture, Malaysia’s ‘The Rainforest Canopy’ Pavilion will use energy efficiency features including heli-fans to enhance airflow, self-shading and green landscaping with vertical gardens, solar panels and water harvesting. The Pavilion itself will consume 20% less energy throughout the 6 months of operations. Materials used in building the structure will also be reused, once the pavilion is dismantled.

Construction contractor firm from Malaysia, Qube Integrated Sdn Bhd and local partner, RAQ Contracting LLC will be working together to build the pavilion for the Malaysia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The company was awarded a contract in October 2019 to co-develop the site infrastructure which will focus on sustainable design and is set to welcome visitors on October 20, 2020.

Malaysian Ambassador to the UAE, His Excellency Ambassador Mohd Tarid Bin Sufian added: “Expo 2020 Dubai, themed ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, the first World Expo ever held in the MENASA region, is an excellent opportunity for us to connect and share ideas with 190 participating countries and millions of visitors from across the globe.”

On 10 October 2019, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad revealed that construction of “Malaysia’s Net Zero Carbon Pavilion”, an initiative to offset the carbon from the Malaysia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, is an important and conscious step towards ensuring that building the structure will be sustainable in the long term. The offsetting actions will be done in Malaysia through tree planting initiatives which will also ensure that the nation will reforest more land areas, apart from the current programmes being conducted by various national agencies, including the ASEAN Framework for Climate Change agenda. Malaysia’s current forest cover is at 55.3 percent, or 18.3 million hectares of its total land area, exceeding Malaysia’s initial commitment to the Rio Earth Summit, which was 50%.

Mr. Tuan Syed Ahmad Syed Mustafa, Acting CEO/COO of GreenTech Malaysia concludes: “Malaysia’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai is an important avenue for GreenTech Malaysia to take the lead in expanding our role in innovation and sustainability across all sectors through strategic initiatives at international platforms.”

The upcoming Visit Malaysia 2020 will be held with renewed vigor and passion. Visit Malaysia 2020 year brings out the best of what Malaysia has to offer to the world in a single, event – packed year. The year 2020 is special to all Malaysians as we reflect and celebrate all our successes and challenges in transforming into a thriving multicultural and dynamic country. For a country rich in culture and natural wonders, tourism is certainly a great economic pillar. Each element in the visit Malaysia logo 2020 individually showcases the diversity of experiences a visitor will gain only on Malaysian soil, and they will truly feel Asia, in Malaysia.

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