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???Realme 5 Pro – Unboxing!???


???Realme 5 Pro – Unboxing!???

So, who hasn’t heard about Realme handphone in Malaysia? Once upon a time (cewah!), not many will bat their eyes on China-made handphone, but with the advancement of technology and at the attractive entry price, these handphones are now a favorite for bargain hunters.

And interestingly, they are evolving. With processor improvement, RAM upgrades, stylish exterior which make it sexy to hold and to flash, no wonder it has become a must-have, especially when camera superiority is one of your must-haves.

I still haven’t figure out much about the camera functions, except that it takes a better selfie ?? and ever ready menu for everyday snaps or for that special functions??. My unboxing video is a commentary, but I will be posting a review with sample shots for you soon! ?

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