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·   Hotly anticipated movie spin-off in the KL Gangster Underworld universe premieres for free, on 19 September 2019

·   New strategic partnership with peer-to-peer sharing app, SHAREit, to put power of content discovery in the hands of everyone in an effort to stifle rampant piracy.

KUALA LUMPUR, September 18, 2019 iflix, Southeast Asia’s leading entertainment service, today announced the exclusive premiere of the much anticipated movie spin-off in the KL Gangster Underworld universe – Rise to Power, now available to stream or download, for free, on iflix.

In Rise to Power, Dynas Mokhtar reprises her role as Madam Wong, to tell the story of how the only woman to lead a KL gang rose to power through guile, grit and ruthlessness. In a suspenseful retelling that chronicles her struggles, Madam Wong defies patriarchal family tradition while plotting her way to power, taking no prisoners and showing no mercy.

The breakout success of KL Gangster Underworld Season 1 prompted the iflix originals team to expand on the KL Gangster Underworld universe to give the backstory to some of the most engrossing characters in the series, and satiate fan demand ahead of Season 2, slated for 2020 release.

Rise to Power reunites film-making veterans from Skop Productions (makers of award-winning movies Munafik 2, Abang Long Fadil 2, Evolusi KL Drift 2, and KL Gangster), with renowned directors Faisal Ishak and Syafiq Yusof, who helmed KL Gangster Underworld Season 1.

Fans of KL Gangster Underworld will be thrilled to see the return of favourite characters Zan (Hasnul Rahmat), Tauke (Azhan Rani), Shah (Beto Kusyairy), Adi (Zahiril Adzim), and Belut (Amerul Affendi), alongside the “King” from 2001’s KL Gangster movie played by veteran actor Ridzuan Hashim. The movie also introduces intriguing new characters played by newcomer Elvis Chin, seasoned performer Tony Eusoff (Saloma), and TV star Sharifah Sakinah (Girlfriend Aku Dari Neraka The Series).

Fans can watch the complete franchise; KL Gangster, KL Gangster 2 and KL Gangster Underworld Season 1, for free, on iflix.

Mark Francis, iflix Global Director of Original Programming, said, “KL Gangster Underworld Season 1 was one of our most successful series, and the demand from fans was overwhelming. It was the fans that made it clear that the relationship between the character of Madam Wong (Dynas Mokhtar) and Ayah Zan (Hasnul Rahmat) warranted a deeper dive.”

“So we jumped on the opportunity to expand the KLGU universe and deliver a new special that would pre-empt the second season with a story set 10 years before the events of season one, thereby “resurrecting” Zan.”

“This movie is really unique for its strong and ruthless female lead, whilst serving up the level of fight action and plot intrigue that is making the KL Gangster Underworld franchise a true fan favourite,” said Francis.

Premiere on SHAREit

For the first time in Southeast Asia, in a move set to turn the media industry on its head, iflix, together with partner SHAREit, will also make Rise to Power and every episode of KL Gangster Underworld Season 1 shareable and downloadable, for free, on the SHAREit app, to empower customers in unprecedented ways. SHAREit users are able to share Rise to Power and the whole Season 1 with their peers over a Bluetooth connection, with no need for mobile data.

This is iflix’s first step with the revolutionary peer-to-peer sharing app and world’s largest offline and online app, game, and video discovery and sharing platform, which boasts an active userbase of 120 million users in Southeast Asia alone.

Dinesh Ratnam, iflix Malaysia Country Manager, said, “We’re transforming the industry and we’re doing this across SEA, but we’re starting in our own backyard with Malaysia’s best ever franchise, giving it to everyone, for free, on any device, without even having to pay for mobile data. We’ve been working towards this for five years and this is the next evolution – we’re literally putting power in the hands of the people.”

“At SHAREit we are very excited to bring iflix’s premium library of high quality movie, sports and TV content to our 120m+ monthly active users in SE Asia,” says Michael Qiu, CEO SHAREit Technologies. 

Further, Karam Malhotra, Global VP, SHAREit, added, “It is a great testimony to our partnership that iflix and SHAREit will be premiering the blockbuster movie Rise To Power exclusively for SHAREit users to stream and download anytime and anywhere. We are excited that SHAREit users will be able to access this and many more of iflix’s premium titles for free!”  

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