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Deepavali At Suria KLCC: A Multisensory Celebration of Light and Culture

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 November 2023 – Suria KLCC, the city’s iconic experiential shopping destination, is ready to captivate shoppers with a mesmerising ‘Enchanted Garden of Lights’ theme, from 3 to 15 November, in celebration of the upcoming Deepavali festival on 12 November.

Step into a world of wonder as Suria KLCC transforms into a vibrant garden filled with flowers and adorned with charming swings, providing an ideal setting for capturing dreamy, Insta-worthy moments.

A grand 20-foot kolam welcomes shoppers at the Centre Court, illuminating and rotating in response to their interactions. Adding to the allure, majestic seven-foot-tall peacocks with 32-foot-long flowing, illuminated interactive tails grace the area around the centrepiece. Crafted from artificial flowers and coloured rice, these artful installations bring to life the splendour and magnificence of this auspicious animal.

This colourful and engaging setup, enhanced with lighting and sound effects, creates a multisensory experience for shoppers, bringing the spirit of the festival of lights to life.

During the weekends, shoppers will be able to enjoy captivating traditional Indian dance performances at the Centre Court. Additionally, curated Deepavali music is played throughout the mall, enhancing the overall mood for a joyous festivity.

“Deepavali is a time of profound significance, symbolising the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. At Suria KLCC, we are dedicated to not only offering a memorable festive shopping experience but also a cultural immersion that fosters a deeper sense of connection and understanding within our community,” says Andrew Brien, CEO of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd.

Adding to the celebration of this Deepavali campaign, shoppers who make purchases totalling RM600 or more in two receipts at any specialty stores will be rewarded with a RM50 Suria KLCC Shopping eVoucher.

Alamanda Shopping Centre
The Deepavali celebration at Alamanda Putrajaya kicked off on 28 October and will end on 13 November. Shoppers are in for a treat with vibrant decorations, including a colourful kolam illuminated to bring forth auspiciousness and good fortune.

Adding to the excitement are enticing rewards up for grabs. For those who spend RM300 and above in two receipts at any specialty store, a RM30 Alamanda Shopping Voucher awaits.

Mesra Mall
From 8 to 19 November, Kemaman’s Mesra Mall will be embellished with Deepavali decorations. The kolam design, created from dry rice flour, adds a vibrant touch. Other elements characteristic of Deepavali, such as the peacock and the saree, enhance the festive atmosphere and bring forth the spirit of the season.

For more information and the latest updates, visit:
i. Suria KLCC – www.suriaklcc.com.my / www.facebook.com/SuriaKLCCMall
ii. Alamanda – www.alamanda.com.my / www.facebook.com/AlamandaShoppingCentre
iii. Mesra Mall – www.mesramall.com / www.facebook.com/MyMesraMal

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