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Join Pavilion Feast To Journey Through Pavilion KL’s Array Of Culinary Treasures


If you’re feeling hungry and can’t decide between hearty steamboats, mooncakes, or innovative Guinness-inspired creations to hit those cravings, we say come and try it all at Pavilion Feast!  Pavilion Kuala Lumpur beckons all food-lovers this month with an array of culinary experiences from over a hundred dining establishments. Enjoy signature dishes, restaurant openings and more!

Here’s our curated list of top non-halal dining options that await you at Pavilion KL:

Xiangshan Fish Steamboat, Level 7

The newly-opened Xiangshan Fish Steamboat is known for its flavourful soup bases, with a choice of classic (spicy), sauerkraut, tomato and original – simmered to perfection in wooden barrels with a medley of seasonings. Customise your steamboat with fresh fish, a variety of vegetables, and a selection of delectable side dishes like homemade prawn and pork balls, special corn cake, handmade noodles, and more.

Arthur’s Storehouse, Level 4, Connection

They say good things come to those who wait – and you’ve waited long enough to dive into the world of Guinness! Arthur’s Storehouse, Malaysia’s first Guinness flagship store which opened last year, welcomes you to come and enjoy a pint of the iconic Irish beer, known for its dark, creamy texture. Delight in Guinness-infused dishes like Beef Wellington, Guinness Battered Onion Rings, BBQ Hot Wings with Homemade Guinness Sauce, and more. Don’t miss the chance to pour your own pint with guidance from the Guinness Academy team, or enjoy one of the many Guinness-inspired cocktails!

Jordan Hong Kong Restaurant, Level 1, Pavilion Elite

We know you’ve got those cravings for authentic Hong Kong cuisine! At Jordan Hong Kong Restaurant, come and enjoy dishes like ‘Char Siew’ Rice and Signature Soy Sauce Fried Noodles, and finish your meal with classic Egg Tarts and Signature Butter Polo Buns! All of which are perfectly complemented by Jordan’s indulgent Iced Bucket HK Milk Tea.

Herbal Farmer, Level 1

After your delectable meals, visit Herbal Farmer’s Pavilion KL flagship store for Chinese herbal products. Deepen your understanding on how to care for your overall health and diet with carefully selected herbs, flower teas, herbal soups and other fine ingredients. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore their latest T’pori offerings, featuring freeze-dried black sesame sourced from Taiwan, available in Black Rice, Millet, and Chinese Yam flavours. These products are designed to nourish your scalp and promote hair growth.

While you’re there, make sure to visit the health bar and consult their expert staff for complimentary sample testing and personalised recommendations!

Enjoy TANYU’s Chongqing grilled fish and sides

TANYU 探鱼, Level 7, Dining Loft

Enjoyed beautifully grilled fish at TANYU at its flagship store at Pavilion KL. TANYU specialises in Chongqing grilled fish, with diners being able to choose from four different types of fish, and eight distinct flavours such as fresh green pepper, mala, sourish spicy, savory and more.

Fullbud’s Signature Braised Pork Rice is a popular dish at the Taiwanese restaurant

Fullbud, Level 1, Gourmet Emporium

For simple yet delicious Taiwanese food, Fullbud is the place to be! Favourites include the Signature Braised Pork Rice with white rice, succulent and tender braised pork, and a side of vegetables – a comforting meal suitable for any time of the day!

TAI ER Suancai & Fish, Level 6

Discover the first Malaysian branch of TAI ER, a Chinese restaurant chain renowned for its sauerkraut fish, which you can enjoy in a variety of sizes. Another must-try is the Spicy Mala Soup loaded with Sichuan peppercorns, dried chilies, sauerkraut, and tilapia fillets – all served with a sprinkling of chrysanthemum petals.

Pavilion Feast Mooncake Pop-Up, Level 3

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at Pavilion Feast Mooncake Pop-Up. Choose from 25 mooncake and tea brands, featuring offerings from 5-star hotels, iconic restaurants, and renowned mooncake vendors. Highlights include Kakiyuki, Le Meridien PJ, Pavilion Hotel, First Class, Durian Baby & Friends, Grand Harbour, and Grand Imperial. For dining recommendations and details about ‘Pavilion Feast,’ contact Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s VIP Dining Concierge at 03 2118-8835, visit the website at or stay updated through Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s mobile app, Facebook page, or Instagram account. Experience a world of culinary excellence at Pavilion KL!

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