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Good Vibes Festival Organizers should consider Sabah for 2024 Event – Chan

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MALAYSIA – Political Secretary to the Minister of Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship Sabah, Chan Loong Wei, expressed deep concern regarding the cancellation of the Good Vibes Festival (GVF) 2023, which resulted from a regrettable and controversial incident that occurred during the first day of the festival. In light of these events, he extends an invitation to the Good Vibes Festival organizers to consider Sabah as a potential location for their event in 2024, emphasizing the significant economic benefits concerts like GVF can bring to the local economy especially SMEs and the tourism sector.

“Sabah is well known for its diverse cultural heritage and harmonious coexistence between different races and ethnicities, this would definitely be an ideal backdrop for hosting a vibrant and inclusive music festival experience such as GVF,” said Chan

He also mentioned that concerts and music festivals like Good Vibes Festival play a crucial role in driving economic growth especially by promoting the tourism sector.

“GVF is well known for attracting a substantial number of domestic and international visitors, contributing significantly to the local economy. As attendees flock to Malaysia, local businesses witness an upsurge in demand for accommodation, food and beverages, transportation services, merchandise, and other goods and services,”

“The positive impact of hosting large-scale music festivals on the local economy cannot be overlooked,”

“Not only do such events create opportunities for local businesses to thrive, but it would also provide a platform to showcase the beauty and cultural richness of Sabah to a wider audience, thereby boosting tourism and attracting potential investors,” stated by Chan.

Chan who is also DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) Sabah Secretary says that this is not only an olive branch to GVF organisers but welcomes more international concerts and events to be organised in Sabah.

“By organizing the Good Vibes Festival 2024 in Sabah, the World will see Sabah under the spotlight, ultimately benefiting the entire community,”

Chan further expressed that he believes the Sabah government is ready to work closely with the organizers, providing any necessary assistance to ensure the smooth execution of the event and an exceptional experience for festival-goers.

Chan Loong Wei concluded the statement by encouraging the Good Vibes Festival organizers to consider Sabah for the 2024 event, emphasizing the positive impact it could have on the local economy and the tourism sector.

He expressed optimism about the potential collaboration to create a festival that not only celebrates music and diversity but also contributes to the prosperity and development of Sabah.

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