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Tycho – Time To Run (Single)
Ninja Tune; Mom & Pop / Electronic

The talented live electronic artist has released a funky new single titled “Time To Run.” The track features lively guitar riffs by Zac Brown, creating a vibrant and natural atmosphere. With playful keyboard melodies and a groovy bassline, the song captures the essence of Tycho’s running inspiration. He used music to establish his running pace and achieve a meditative state. “Time To Run” aims to evoke a sense of meditative clarity and connection, reflecting Tycho’s personal running journey.

Yann Tiersen – Ar Maner Kozh (Solo Piano) (Single)
Mute / Classical

Classical fusion musician, Yann Tiersen, is set to release ‘Kerber Complete’ on September 15th which is a box set of music that includes four versions of his 2021 album, ‘Kerber’. This new project consists of resampled, reprogrammed, and recomposed audio of the past one which incorporated modular synthesis and musical experimentation. Currently, the artist is currently touring Ireland with QUINQUIS on Ninnog, their sailboat named after a medieval mother who was a champion of sustainability and forestry. Intended as a statement against large-scale touring, the two artists invite us to ponder upon alternative ways of touring by collaborating with local communities and their spaces such as churches, gardens, and beaches.

Barry Can’t Swim – Dance of the Crab (Single) 
Ninja Tune / Dance

Scottish musician Barry Can’t Swim makes a comeback with his latest track titled ‘Dance Of The Crab’, which highlights his expertise in programming and preference for analog elements. While initially rooted in deep house with jazz influences, he has now grown and diversified his musical style. His highly anticipated debut album, ‘When Will We Land?’, set to be released in October, takes his artistic exploration to new depths, as exemplified by the captivating ‘Dance Of The Crab’.

edapollo – Technicolour Places (Album) 
FFC / Electronic

“Technicolour Places” was written by edapollo to provide him an escape to joy during a difficult time in his life.  a way for edapollo to provide himself with a joyful escape during a tumultuous time in his life.  “When I made the demo sketch for this track, the first words that came into my head when saving & naming the project file, were ‘Find Love,”’ edapollo says. “I wasn’t exactly sure why at the time but that’s the beauty of art sometimes. On reflection, for me, I feel like the track has an emotional energy that captures those moments where we feel a little lost and alone in life but are also hopeful that you will find what you are looking for.” 

Melbourne-based artist edapollo, known for his diverse talents as a producer and performer, is set to release his studio album ‘Technicolour Places’ on July 14 through Foreign Family Collective. Alongside this exciting album announcement, his newest single ‘Find Love’ is now available for streaming. The song is a breathtaking display of pure emotion, featuring a captivating instrumental, a melancholic breakbeat, and uplifting vocals that beautifully capture the essence of art.

yeule – dazies (Single) 
Ninja Tune / Electronic

Singaporean electronic musician, Yeule, releases their latest song called ‘dazies’. With the inspired namesake of the character from video game, Final Fantasy, Yeule started playing classical music and transitioned to electronic music through internet platforms. The artist debuted with their self-titled EP in 2014 through Californian electronic label, Zoom Lens

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