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Brando Bal drops New Heartbreaking Single ‘Pangalawang Ulan’


MANILA,  May 3, 2024 – Filipino rising indie OPM band Brando Bal makes a heartfelt comeback after a 4-year hiatus with their new single ‘Pangalawang Ulan.’

The new track draws inspiration from Brando’s college days and his experiences with a girl named Rain. It’s a sequel to their song “Ulan,” exploring themes of lost love, unspoken feelings, and regret. With the incorporation of synthesizers, this new Pop Rock track adds a fresh element to the band’s music, showcasing their evolving musical style.

Brando contrasts “Pangalawang Ulan” with the original “Ulan,” which is about expressing a promise of enduring commitment. However, this sequel track reflects on missed opportunities and regrets stemming from the presence of another person in their lives.

The song’s narrative revolves around sentiments of sadness, reflection, and regret, longing for the chance to amend past actions or words of the persona, as expressed in lines like “Kung nasabi lang noon, sana ngayon alam mo ang totoo” (If only it had been said before, perhaps now you would know the truth).

Recorded in Brando’s home studio, “Pangalawang Ulan” retains their signature distorted guitars and pop tunes, offering something both familiar and new for their listeners. The song adds excitement with last-minute changes in the bridge, capturing the emotions of those who’ve faced similar challenges and struggles in love.

“Pangalawang Ulan” is now available on all music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music, exclusively distributed by Warner Music Philippines.

[Link: https://wmp.lnk.to/pangalawangulan]

[Lyric Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCySeo-ld2Y]

[Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2Zz2esghd8bhZZ4lMqn4zH?si=1p2a1UfOQ6GpVlKbRoDAKw

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