RESPA MALAYSIA and Glide Technology Sdn Bhd signed partnership MOU


KUALA LUMPUR 23 March 2023 – RESPA MALAYSIA signed a historic accord in the form of a MOU with Syarikat GLIDE Technology Sdn Bhd on Thursday.

GLIDE Tech deals in multi purpose lubricants and petroleum products and to this the company partnered strategically with PETRONAS on some of their premier products.

The MOU was signed between DPMCH representing RESPA and Dato Muhazli Muhamad, founder and President of GLIDE. Also present were Supt Shafie Sharif representing Jabatan Logistik PDRM, DS Mortadza Nazarene, Chairman SLC Selangor, Dato Christopher Wan SK and Dato Setia Mohd Isa.

A briefing was earlier given by the Staff of the company and a guided tour followed. It was quite remarkable to see how GLIDE grows from its inception in 2006. Today she exports her products to some countries abroad.

The MOU signed yesterday will be looking at among others opportunities and potentialities within PDRM.

RESPA looks forward to a succesful partnership with GLIDE Technology Sdn Bhd.

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