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Celebrate International Day Of Happiness With A Digital Detox


With life, relationships and responsibilities sometimes getting the best of us, it can be hard to remember the last time you felt truly happy. Many of us try to combat this via distraction – whether that’s keeping ourselves busy, binge-watching TV shows, or mindlessly scrolling through social media.

That’s why March 20th – the International Day of Happiness – is the perfect time to remind ourselves of the small things that contribute to our own joy.

If you’ve been struggling to disconnect with the world and reconnect with what makes you happy, then it could be the perfect time for a digital detox. With wellness travel being a big trend for 2023, it’s not a bad idea to consider a quick getaway that brings you back to yourself.  Let’s escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head to Desaru Coast for the weekend to heal while holidaying, and find your inner happiness.

Get Some Vitamin Sea

They say salt water is the cure for everything, and it’s true. It’s almost impossible to be unhappy when at the beach, with pristine white sand and calm blue waters, the sea offers us a myriad of healing properties.

Whether you enjoy sitting by the beach and listening to the waves, reading a good book in the sunshine,or getting your thrills through water sports, you can discover a whole new world under (or by) the sea.

The Desaru Coast Beach Walk is the perfect way to find that inner peace, allowing you to take in the beautiful beaches, interesting flora, and marine plants along the shoreline. This tour demonstrates the importance and benefits of the coastal environment and the rich geological history of Desaru’s rock pools.

Explore The Mangroves

You might consider mangroves to be simply shrubs or trees that grow in coastal saline or brackish water – but they’re so much more than this. While we often look at the thicket of roots and marvel at how intricate and strong they are, the real magical properties of the mangroves are the fact that they are crucial to the coastal ecosystem.  Between serving as a buffer between marine and terrestrial life, protecting the shoreline from damaging winds, waves and floods, and filtering pollutants trapping sediments from the land while reducing coastal erosion, mangroves are one of nature’s best gifts to coastal lands.

Be one with nature in Desaru Coast as you cruise along the mangroves with a naturalist guide, who will ensure you not only get to explore, but also learn about the traditions and superstitions of local fishermen. You might also have the chance to plant some mangrove saplings, and find some joy in doing your part to maintain this crucial ecosystem.

Get Active

As Elle Woods said in the movie Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!” And she was absolutely right.

It’s scientifically proven that physical activity helps your brain produce more endorphins – and numerous activities can contribute to this feeling.

So, have your pick at Desaru Coast! Play a round of golf at two award-winning golf courses, embark on a beautiful nature hike, cycle along the coast, or speed away on an ATV adventure! There are plenty of options for you to get your heart pumping and those endorphins running, so choose what excites you most and go for it!

Happiness is a Spa Day Away

Once you’ve soaked in the sand, sun and sea, it’s time to bring the focus to your mind and body. One&Only Desaru Coast is home to the first Chenot Spa in Asia that focuses on vitality, which means you can enjoy science-based treatments that will leave you feeling recharged and rejuvenated.

At Chenot, you can embark on a journey to complete wellness with a programme that helps you achieve your specific goals. This could be via mindfulness, aesthetic treatments, or a Chenot Actif massage where the masseuse will knead your worries away with super-charged emulsions infused with plant-based essential oils. The perfect concoction to help reduce and eliminate stress, fatigue and relieve pain.

Ready for your journey to happiness? Desaru Coast is happy to be the vessel to guide you on your digital detox as you rekindle your joy through sun, sea, nature and self-care. Head over to to book your digital detox weekend.

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