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Huge Crowd At Coolblog Mytown Explained
Of A Unicorn Sighting!

Huge crowd was seen at Coolblog’s MyTOWN Shopping Centre outlet taking pictures using the AR unicorn filter - which was introduced in conjunction with the launch of Coolblog's Magical Unicool drinks.

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 MARCH 2023 – Pioneering kiosk-based Halal dessert and beverage brand, Coolblog reaffirmed that the long queue and massive crowd gathering spotted at Coolblog’s MyTown outlet following key influencer, Anidajaafar’s video that went viral recently was due to a unicorn being sighted at the outlet.  

To further clarify, the unicorn that was “sighted” was an Augmented Reality (AR) unicorn which can be found through a QR Code at all Coolblog stores in conjunction with the brand’s recently launched Magical Unicool series.  

The Unicorn-inspired series which symbolised fantasy and fairytale was an inspiration that led Coolblog to create the series. Consisting of three aesthetically-pleasing drinks with Fluffy Cloud Bits, Unicool MagicalUnicool Dazzle and Unicool Twinkle areaimed at enlightening their customers’ gloomy day, while sparking joy in their mood!  

Key influencer Anidajaafar trying out the AR filter to “catch” the unicorn in order to participate in Coolblog’s social media contest.

Through this initiative, Coolblog hopes to not only elevate the mood of their customers who stepped in to the store but to also double the magical experience with a limited time promotion, where customers who share the images on their social media and tag Coolblog’s Facebook and Instagram will be able to enjoy a free drink voucher*.  

Coolblog had expressed their surprise in seeing how Malaysians are especially interested in the unicorn-sighting initiative, and have requested their fans to expect more that are both delicious and interesting to come in the coming months! 

*Terms and condition apply 

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