RM4.7 billion will be spent on Development Expenditure by Home Ministry


KUANTAN, 25 February: The Home Ministry has seen an increase of RM1.4 billion or 8.35 percent of allocations in Budget 2023 compared to last year’s budget of RM17.09 billion, which includes the Operating Expenditure (OE) and Development Expenditure (DE). 

In Budget 2023, the government have considered a higher allocation of RM18.5 billion for security needs and purposes of agencies under the Ministry.

“However, the Ministry already have an allocation for the OE,” said the Ministry secretary-general Datuk Ruji Ubi, adding that RM4.7 billion of the RM18.5 billion will be spent on DE, infrastructure development and acquisition of new assets.

Currently, the Ministry has yet to receive any further information regarding the matter from the Ministry of Economy. However, Datuk Ruji said that the Ministry is preparing for the matter to be debated and also the preparation and procurement process itself.

“Previously, I was in a Ministry monitoring such projects. So through these experiences, I will emphasise this matter. In the spirit of a team between the Ministry and our agencies, we will cooperate and work together to succeed in obtaining the budget allocation.”

Earlier, Datuk Ruji officiated the Training Completion of Maritime Junior Lieutenants series 11/2022 at Sultan Ahmad Shah Maritime Academy (AMSAS) in Kuantan Pahang.

A total of 78 officers who had completed their training will be the additional manpower for Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA). The officers comprising 61 men and 17 women will ensure maritime security, especially in sensitive areas including the Straits of Malacca.

“We hope the additional manpower will enhance such operation”, he added that there will be another 490 additional manpower soon. These officers will be placed on MMEA ships for the next 4 months before they can be confirmed for their posts.”

Datuk Ruji said there is also a need to increase the assets in line with the additional manpower. 

“As announced by the Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail that acquisitions of new assets are expected to be completed in July or end of the year or early of next year,”

However, Datuk Ruji added that the Ministry will request more manpower and assets based on the needs planned by the agency up till 2026.

“We will discuss with the relevant parties to ensure the acquisition of the assets and manpower is in order based as planned by the Ministry and agencies.”

Datuk Ruji said the acquisition of new assets and manpower must be in line until 2026.

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