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Danone’s Commitment To Address Malnutrition Via Donations 

Vera Saw, Country Manager Malaysia and Singapore

Through collaboration with Foodbank, 30,000 children from low-income families received nutrition products in 2022

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 Jan 2023 – Although we have entered the endemic phase, the COVID-19 continues to challenge our routine and norms and has resulted in many lower income families continue to be left vulnerable, especially as they are faced with limited resources to provide for themselves and their families. The situation has further exacerbated due to economic uncertainty, loss of household income and unemployment as families struggle to provide their children with the right nutrients creating micronutrient deficiencies such as Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA). According to a report from World Health Organization in Malaysia, 1 out of 4 children are anemic[1].

Danone Specialized Nutrition (Malaysia), manufacturing company of leading young child formula brand Dugro, understands that as children represent the future, their well-being is of the utmost importance. In this time of need, many Malaysians have banded together to lend a helping hand and reaching out to the community in need either by making donations to their local charity or extending support by contributing essential necessities. Inspired by this act of kindness, as a company that embraced the mission in “Provide Health through Food to many People As possible” Danone has collaborated with The Lost Food Project (TLFP) to bring products with nutrition via various donation program to those experiencing the negative impact of COVID-19 especially the malnutrition children from the low-income families.

The Lost Food Project is a non-profit organization and a community food bank that aims to optimize food excess by collecting and distributing it to people in need, such as welfare homes, soup kitchens, refugee communities, Orang Asli and many more. Food banking also addresses another of the world’s most pressing issues—climate change. By procuring surplus food for hunger relief, food banking is a vital response to the growing environmental threat posed by food loss and waste.

Through this collaboration, Danone has donated almost RM 1.95 mil worth of Danone products which include Dugro to almost 30,000 children nationwide. “We are committed to addressing the public health challenge of malnutrition to ensure that Malaysian children are well protected from malnutrition and IDA. Our endeavor is to help grow

healthier generations in Malaysia by tackling iron deficiency anemia in children. As aligned with our vision, One Planet One Health (OPOH), we aim to create a sustainable future where people and our planet can thrive. Through this partnership with the TLFP, we will not only be able to improve the well-being of the children in the communities which we operate, but also reduce our food wastage and environmental footprint,” says Vera Saw, Country Manager of Danone Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

She continues, “In Malaysia, there is an abundance of food, however, there is a need to make sure this food is distributed to those who need it. That is why we have been working closely with TLFP for over a year and have donated more than 63 000 kg of food products in this year alone. This is also aligned with our One Health Agenda to help addressing IDA issues among children who needs it. To us, working with foodbank like TLFP is a “triple win,” addressing Hunger, Foodwaste and also Greenhouse Gas emission.  

Ab Wahab Long, Chief Executive Officer of The Lost Food Project explained  “As the cost of living continues to soar, many parents and guardians cope by cutting back or skipping meals altogether. They bridge the gap by making nutritional compromises. Poor nutrition is cheaper than good nutrition and that is how most of the families facing food insecurity get by. This, of course, has major consequences to health, education, and productivity. We are immensely grateful to have Danone’s ongoing and strong support of our mission and their dedication to improving access to nutrition whilst at the same time contributing to a healthier planet by ensuring good food does not go to waste.”

“With the escalating climate crisis, concerns over the environmental impact of food waste, and the struggle to adequately and nutritiously feed a growing nation, we look forward to double down our efforts to address these concerns with Danone and help even more vulnerable children and families in 2023 and beyond.” He conclude.

One of Danone’s purposes is to provide mothers with the right nutritional support for themselves and young children to help provide the best in food intake. With all the efforts being made under One Health agenda aims to gradually improve the dietary intake and nutrients of the community and appreciates that this issue can be combated effectively with the contribution of the society.

[1] World Health Organisation: Prevalence of Anemia in Children under 5 years (link)

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