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TOO -02 Capture Casa


Following four studio albums and one live album, HVOB are about to release their sixth album: TOOis an angry, tender, vulnerable, determined account of a generation’s search for life. The album explores extremes in concept, content and sound. It breaks with the tradition of releasing the entire album following the advance release of a number of singles.

The eight tracks from TOO will be released individually and sporadically. This way, the album grows into an eventual whole over a period of six months.

HVOB share the second part of their 8 track album in new single ‘Capture Casa’ -out Dec 15th

am i too cold/ am i too old / am i not good for you

am i too quiet / am i too tired / am i too much for you – from “Capture Casa”, TOO, HVOB

The song marks a return to the Austrian duo’s signature melodic techno. The track juxtaposes Anna Muller’s delicate vocal against building atmospheric soundscapes. Capture Casafollows the announcement of new album TOOand first single ‘Bruise’ and celebrated video.

TOO is dedicated to the state of mind of a generation in search of inner and outer belonging: the album captures a life in the dichotomy of one’s own and other people’s expectations, in the feeling of not living up to these expectations, in renewed attempts to free oneself from these expectations.

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