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MV reaction by KPop artist: Saya Anak Malaysia


Greetings everyone!

The recent upload from Hoon and Doo from Videobox, is about the iconic song ‘Saya Anak Malaysia’. They commented that the music video is energetic and beautiful and praised our artist. The duo has been uploading video reactions to many Malaysian contents, for example the cover of the song ‘Sepi’ by Malaysian female artist Aina Abdul, and Shila Amzah’s cover on ‘Beautiful’ the original soundtrack from the famous TV series, Goblin.

The music video for the song ‘Saya Anak Malaysia’ (SAM) was the year 2020 version from the Ministry of National Unity. The colourful music video was joined by famous Malaysian artist such as Tomok, Jaclyn Victor, Fattah Amin, Ayu Damit, Altimet, Dina Nadzir, Zahid Baharuddin and many more. What is unique about this music video, is the participation of 26 local artist from all races in Malaysia, and indeed a wonderful display of multi-ethnicity that make Malaysia what it is today.

This song is catchy, inspiring and full of energy in its own way. The lyrics is easy to remember, and the chorus is infectious, ‘Saya… anak Malaysia, saya…. anak Malaysia!’. Even the K-Pop artist Doo and Hoon in this video can easily memorize and sing the tune! No wonder, the song is a favourite with many marches from the kindergarten to adults. Its lyrics promote national unity, by fostering the spirit of our identity as Malaysian. The hard owned independence is a promise to grow the country together as a united citizen. Despite the multi ethnicity and cultural differences, we all made that promise to live in harmony with one another under one Malaysia flag.

Now, the time is more important than ever, that we stay united and live in harmony with one another to face our common enemy, which is the Covid-19 pandemic. May we all be strong and take care of each other in the community.

Together, we can win this!

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