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Claim made by Irwan Sanei is extremely false and misleading, police report has been lodged – CITF

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24 May 2021 – Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) said that the claim made by Irwan Sanei in Facebook which has been widely shared in the social media today is extremely false and misleading.

According to a statement issued today, the overall budget for Malaysia’s National Immunisation Programme (PICK) is RM5bn which includes the cost of implementing the programme itself.

“The budget for vaccine procurement is RM3.5bn. This has been clarified in the statement” said CITF.

Currently, we have spent this RM3.5bn to procure enough vaccines for 120% of the population for Malaysia (38.5 million people). As most of the vaccines we have procured are two-dose vaccines, the total number of doses Malaysia has procured is 73.5 million doses. Not 32 million doses as written by Irwan Sanei who failed to multiply the population by two (two doses).” said CITF.

CITF also added that As a comparison, Singapore is spending SGD1bn (RM3.1bn) for its population of 5.7 million (11.4 million including the two doses required for the population). This can be read at

“The United States has reportedly paid US$1.95bn (RM8.07bn) for 100 million Pfizer doses. (Please refer to

Based on this info, Malaysia’s procurement seems fair and even more competitive than other countries. We have lodged a police report against Irwan Sanei for spreading fake news.” said CITF.

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