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KUALA LUMPUR, 5 August 2020 – PointStar Pte Ltd, a leading Cloud technology consulting firm, sees a continuing surge in demand for cloud-related products and services in the ASEAN region, as an increasing number of companies undergo digital workplace transformation. 

With the impact of the pandemic, cloud adoption is on an upward trend and companies are beginning to see the Cloud as a way to propel growth while enhancing operation resilience and reducing costs.

PointStar, a Singapore-based firm with market presence in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, has grown rapidly over the years and is currently the leader for Oracle’s NetSuite business in the ASEAN region.

The firm grew its Oracle’s NetSuite business by threefold in FY 2020 and clinched Oracle’s NetSuite’s 2020 ASEAN Top Volume Partner award for recording the highest number of cloud implementations in the region.

Michelle Alphonso, Chief Operating Officer of PointStar said,  “We are grateful and proud to have received this award as this is a testament to the trust that our customers have placed in us and the hard work that our team has put in to help our customers get on board Oracle NetSuite – the leading Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the market today.”

Due to the impact of Covid-19, she said PointStar has seen an unprecedented rise in demand for cloud-related products and services. During this period, PointStar has worked closely with Oracle NetSuite to onboard many companies in ASEAN to the Cloud.

“With the recent measures put in place due to Covid-19, companies now recognise that there is an urgent need to switch over their key business operations to the Cloud which would allow them to operate from anywhere,” she added.

For instance, companies would be able to activate their business continuity plans with a cloud-based ERP system which allows secure remote access for employees who are working from home during these challenging times.

Over the years, PointStar has helped numerous organizations and institutions by offering them Cloud solutions and capabilities in automation, analytics and artificial intelligence as well as creating a smarter workplace for them.

Oracle NetSuite is a cloud-based business platform that comprises ERP, Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Commerce, email-marketing, Professional Services Automation and Human Capital Management.

With Oracle’s NetSuite, companies are able to simplify work processes conveniently in real-time with the incorporation of a mobile app. 

Apart from Oracle’s NetSuite, PointStar also offers end-to-end cloud services from various leading technology service providers, such as Google Cloud and Cisco Meraki.

PointStar’s strengths stem from its experienced team that is equipped with a strong understanding on how businesses operate. This helps the firm to advise, implement, customise and manage cloud solutions that are best suited to its clients’ needs.

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