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Do you like your lead actor to be older or younger?


Younger actors, as much as they please the eyes and we feast on their hulking physique, sometimes lack a certain charisma to command the X factors in, well… matured female viewers.

You can say that experiences, either by the look or actual does play a role here. It convinces the audience that it is highly probable that the actor is telling his own life story. You feel the sorrow, the happiness and the sarcasm in their jokes.

And sometimes you feel the look in their eyes. That’s how compelling a charismatic and experienced actor could be.

If you’ve watched The Ranch on Netflix, you wouldn’t missed Beau Bennett (played by Sam Elliott), the tough rancher who is the father to Rooster and Colt Bennett. Beau hated almost everything if it’s not related to Iron River Ranch or the Republican. His idea of a good day is basking in the hot sun working his ranch and he doesn’t tolerate well to changes. No one escape his steely stares including Colt Bennett (Ashton Kutcher). He’s the modern interpretation of guy in this series.

But have you seen Sam Elliott? Well, to me he is the perfect ‘distant’ macho guy in this movie. He is the one who has the charisma in an older actor that I love to watch. From questioning about what’s almond milk, up to Colt’s beauty regimes, he is everything conventional, distant, unapproachable, with thick moustache and of course a cowboy.

Howdoes it work for me?

Well, in one episode, he cried. The old cowboy cried when Maggie Bennett his ex-wife left him. He didn’t cry before, but after she left, and specifically when he was trying to save Maggie’s potted flowers one night when it’s supposed to be freezing. When Rooster checked upon his dad, he said;

“Am I really that hard to live with?”

It breaks my heart. That’s what good acting is. Beau Bennett nailed it! The macho guy is broken.

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