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Kuala Lumpur, 23 October 2019 – Leading home-grown air conditioner brand Acson Malaysia today announced the launch of its first Anti Volatile Organic Compound (“VOC”) Spray in Malaysia to improve indoor air quality and ultimately leading to healthier lifestyles. 

(From left) Mr Lee Chuan Yee, Head of Department, Product & Marketing, Acson Malaysia; Mr Rosli bin Ibrahim, Senior Manager of Business Development, Acson Malaysia; Mr Yeap Kin Oun, General Manager of Acson Malaysia together with Mr Tan Han Chuan, Head of Department at Network Development Acson Malaysia.

The General Manager of Acson Malaysia, Mr Yeap Kin Oun said, “While people are highly aware of outdoor pollutants, little did they know that VOC in our living space is also a hidden threat. VOCs are emitted into indoor air, and they may or may not be smelled. Breathing in low levels of VOCs may increase risk of health problems in the long term.”

He added, “Indoor environment is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor environment as according to the report of United States Environmental Protection Agency. Our Anti VOC Spray is designed to maintain a good indoor air quality as people nowadays are spending most of their time in indoor environment. Rest assured, the spray is non-toxic and non-hazard for safe usage.” 

According to Industry Code of Practice on Indoor Air Quality 2010, VOCs can cause eye, nose and throat irritations, headaches, dizziness, visual disorder, memory impairment and cancer.3 

Acson Anti VOC Spray is designed to decompose VOCs, a large group of chemicals that could be located in home products such as paint, varnishes, carpet, vinyl flooring, composite wood products, air fresheners, cleaning products, cooking, and smoking, and could sustain up to 2 years.1 

To minimize indoor VOC exposure, the Acson Anti VOC Spray is easy to use. It can be applied across painted walls, furniture, floors, carpets and more, except household appliances, switch sockets, art, dining utensils, metal products, silk and high-grade leather. Upon application, it will require 24 hours to form a coating layer. The underlying Titanium Dioxide that acts as photocatalyst will then decompose the harmful pollutants and bacteria into water and carbon dioxide, with the presence of lights (sunlight, indoor light or lamp light)

Without heavy scrubbing on the surface, the photocatalyst effects could sustain up to 2 years. 

On top of its long-lasting protection against VOCs and bacteria, Acson Anti VOC Spray also effectively removes odour, and is safe for indoor usage. For example, the strong odour of newly renovated indoor environment, wall painting and existing interior furniture can be easily removed by the spray and subsequently leading to healthier lifestyles.

Acson Malaysia is appointed as the exclusive sole distributor of Anti VOC Spray in Malaysia, which is manufactured by Nanopac Co., Ltd Korea and powered by its patented Nano Titanium Dioxide Technology.

Acson Malaysia strive to provide the best products to end users since its establishment. They are now specializing in providing best indoor air quality to meet the high demands in Malaysia market with their tagline Nature Breeze.

To celebrate their 35th Anniversary, Acson Malaysia has also launched brand new Aroma Diffuser suitable for individuals that pursue higher quality of life. 

By adding a few drops of desired essential oil into the Aroma Diffuser coupled with built-in ambient lighting, it could create a calming effect at home and promote good sleep. It could also act as a humidifier to retain the moisture in the air at a healthy and comfortable level, which is useful for individuals who frequently spend long hours in an air conditioned room. 

Acson Malaysia releases two models of Aroma Diffuser to match user’s preference. The Aroma Diffuser is equipped with 130ml water tank functions with an USB interface. Separately, the 200ml-water-tank-integrated Aroma Diffuser Speaker enabled by 3-pin plug carries additional functions which are Bluetooth speaker and timer. Both being small and portable, they are ideal for travellers who are looking to travel light. 

“As one of the top leaders in the industry, we are committed to providing environmental-friendly home appliances to Malaysians. Our new additions aim to transform your living space into a soothing and aromatic tranquil space,” stated by the General Manager of Acson Malaysia, Mr Yeap Kin Oun. 

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