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Review: realme 5 Pro


So, what do you look for in a smartphone? Depends on the budget? Right! But what I’m going to share today is about realme 5 Pro, the smartphone that I did the unboxing a couple of weeks back. Having this beauty by my side for a while now and I’d like to share my review. 


The design of realme 5 Pro, within its price range can make you heart melt! (cewah!) The size 6.3inch FHD screen (2340X1080), just nice to hold. It didn’t emphasize your chubby cheek if you are worried about that, as it is equally cute. But on serious note, the holographic colour of the diamond cutting design looks more polished and sexier. It looks nice on your cheek (seriously!)

The 3D body design optimized the side curve of the body, accentuating a slimmer and lighter look. And the ergonomic design offers more grip-hold. It comes in 2 colours, Crystal Green and Crystal Blue. And since the design is screaming futuristic and fun, it is multi-layer splash resistant thus it can resist humidity as in rain and splashes.


Well, what can I say? The Crystal Green coloured realme 5 Pro that I have works well without charging till later to the night. My usage is as any normal average users in a day’s work; I did my emails, social media stuff, browsing the internet, I did some editing using the Microsoft Office, listen to music and play some games on this smartphone. You can work in between apps without hassle, it doesn’t hang or anything which is good.

The battery life on this baby is 4035mAH and it has the AI Freezer function at the system level. This is where it intelligently predicts the user’s app usage and freeze the unused apps to save power. The realme 5 Pro uses the upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 AIE processor, and the CPU core is upgraded to 2.3 GHz, which makes the overall performance 10% higher than previous generation’s processor.

The realme Pro 5 comes with 8GB+128GB storage and with expendable memory through microSD card for smoother and faster storage experience. One of the good things that I like is it didn’t overheat at all during multiple applications or during charging.

The realme Pro 5 comes with VOOC flash charge and USB type C cable. In case your phone died (like mine!) it takes about ½ hour of charging to get to 50% of the power, which is like in between waiting for coffee and reading physical newspaper.

Unboxing Realme 5 Pro video


In the unboxing video, I’ve shared the awesome quad cameras realme Pro 5 has. The quad camera is a combination of 48MP main camera which is SONY IMX 586 + 119˚ ultra-wide-angle lens + ultra-macro lens+ portrait lens on the back. Right after, I used the same smartphone to take pictures of events that happened the following weeks and shooting videos as well. The 48MP AI Quad Camera’s quality is good in daylight shooting. The colour’s depth is awesome, because I like high contrast colour and when I use this mode it didn’t need any editing and good for quick posting. There’s Chroma boost toggle function which was maintained from the previous generation if you want to have better control of the outcome.

Landscape mode – Tadom Hill Resorts
Tadom Music Festival Shoutout Video – Shot by Realme 5 Pro

Our Reporter for General News Section also used Realme Pro to cover stories

For night scene, I didn’t use the Nightscapes function in which is recommended in low lighting area. At the spur of the moment, I just took out the phone and snapped. But it turned out okay. I wish it has self-adjusted feature where it analyses the low light surrounding during focus. 

DJ JD at Hang Over Pub, PJ
Highlights of Retro Susnsplash X event. All videos and photos in this video were shot by Realme 5 Pro

The video came out just right, but I wish it could do better on the sound recording. 

I tested the Ultra Macro lens during the unboxing, but right after I didn’t get to use it that much. The outcome is okay, if you enlarge it still look composed. It will be of use if there’s unique detailing that you want to capture, but then again, purpose and motive holds me back from using this function. I like my picture whole ?

The front camera which is 16MP is something that I have repeatedly used. Firstly, it has AI Beauty, which is quite common in all smartphones, and its algorithm self-learned our editing habit to provide a personalised selfie experience. And don’t worry, it recognizes male and female user, so don’t be shy guys, refine your beauty!


So, if you are looking for a mid-range budget phone, realme pro 5 will be one of the top contenders for consideration. The new upgrades give more value for money in this category and the design is up-to-date. My verdict:

Body: 8/10

Performance: 7/10

Imaging: 7/10

Price: 8/10

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