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KUALA LUMPUR–June 27, 2019iflix today confirmed that production has begun on a new four-part miniseries of OmbakRindu, Malaysia’s biggest romantic drama adapted from Fauziah Ansari’s best-selling trilogy.

This year, together with production partners Infinitus Entertainment, iflix has committed to completing the dramatization of the trilogy with the serialised adaptation of CintaTiadaAkhirnya (OmbakRindu2) and RinduCintaku (OmbakRindu3), to round out the story of Izzah and Hariz as they face near-unsurmountable trials of their love when dark secrets from the past surface. 

Mark Francis, iflix Global Director of Original Programming, said: “When the first movie adaption of OmbakRindu was released in 2011, it earned itself a reputation as one of Malaysia’s most popular and talked-about romantic sagas. Today, it is still a name you instantly associate with Malay romance. But I did not realise that it was only one part of the story, and that there were two more books that make up the trilogy that had never been dramatized.”

“I am confident that iflix’s mini-series will not only delight original fans, but also introduce the OmbakRindu series to a new generation of fans. We are rebooting a classic Malaysian romance film, but also adding a fresh look and feel to the story,” said Francis. 

Meanwhile, Fauziah Ansari believes that there will be differences between the novel and the adaptation to screen based on current needs and audience requirements.

“However, I hope the readers of CintaTiadaAkhirnya(OmbakRindu2) and RinduCintaku(OmbakRindu3) will get the same or a similar feel from either watching the special features or reading the novels. To those who have not read the novels, we hope that you will like this new presentation of the novel and will then feel inspired to follow my works which are available in the market.” she said.

iflix also confirms the new cast features some of Malaysia’s biggest stars, including Remy Ishak who plays Hariz, Izara Aishah who plays Izzah, Datin Diana Danielle who plays Mila, Hanna Aqeela who plays Elin, and Uqasha Senrose who plays Hazirah. Industry veteran, Osman Ali, who spearheaded the 2011 movie, returns to direct the series.

The OmbakRindu mini-series is slated for release at the end of 2019.

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