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Pelan Harapan – the guide towards rural prosperity.


29 th Oct 2018 Putrajaya. – The Ministry of Rural Development has launched its Pelan Harapan today at a monthly meeting held at the ministry. Dubbed as Rural Prosperity plan, the scheme has outlined many short term and long terms plan to be implemented under its ministry.

One of the important announcement is the separation of JAKOA, FELCRA and RISDA from this ministry and the addition of PERDA to the Ministry of Rural Development. Other significant restructuring exercise is the rebranding of Village Community Management Council (Majlis Pengurusan Komuniti Kampung) to avoid the overlapping of functions and responsibilities in all states, not just under the PH government.

Other than that, the RTC and mini RTC has also been restructured to become Rural Community centre, aiming at not only to rebrand, but to empower these centres further. For early childhood education under TABIKA KEMAS, there is also a new module called STREAM. This is an emphasis towards Science, technology, Religious Studies, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The purpose is to enable early human capital that is creative and innovative through these centres.

The Minister, has also called upon the rural community to be prepared to face new challenges under digital economy, liberation of trade, climate change and natural disaster, and the changes of food consumption pattern that has impacted the demand from the agricultural sector. In its preparation, the rural community must also be prepared to embrace Industry 4.0, which emphasis heavily on automation. This move will improve productivity of the Malaysian and will soon change the lifestyle even for the rural community.

Applying the principle of Sustainable Development Goals, to leave no one behind, the Ministry has also make plans to empower the marginalized; the women, the native people and the poor in the rural community. This is to enable them to contribute to the economy and to lift the standard of living in the community.

The theme Rural Prosperity, is meant to propel towards the aspiration to have the rural area as a conducive area to live and to generate income. The development is not only focusing on infrastructure but also the economy and the human capital. Outlining 6 pillars under this plan, is Infrastructure, Entrepreneurship, Human Capital, Women and the delivery mechanism. In all there’s 29 strategies and 94 programs that will be implemented with 8 priority projects.

With these many plans to be executed, the Ministry will also be working together with other Ministry to ensure its success. Ministry of Rural Development is indeed gearing towards a transformation and success.

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