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Environmental concerns must not be forgotten – Kelab Alam Today


KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 18)KELAB ALAM TODAY welcomes the government’s proposal that was shared during the Mid-Term Review of the Eleventh Malaysia Plan today.

Among the six pillars, which are equally important and urgent for the future of Malaysia, we’d like to focus on the 5th pillars’ which is ‘To increase environmental sustainability through green development’.

With the commitment outlined towards social and economic development that are focusing on environmental protection, the government has given its commitment to a better governance to enable green growth and a better resource management.

The promise is to look into the principal of laws and to establish a standard based on international good practice.

We lauded the commitment to strengthen the compliance towards development that is based on ethical and environmentally-complied development.

The movement itself has encouraged the society and concerned parties to appreciate and to protect the natural environment.

We are also pleased to learn that more gazetted terrestrial area, coastal beaches, and marine will become protected areas to avoid conflict between man and wild animals.

On the climate change and to reduce disaster risk, the government has given its commitment to fulfill the Paris Agreement. In doing so, there’s promise for a national level mitigation and for carbon tax enforcement.

The dependence on fossil fuel will be reduced by using renewable energy in generating electricity. With the plan to properly manage the energy demand, it calls for a master plan to increase efficiency and towards energy saving.

With the following summary of the 5th pillar, we hope, together as Malaysian we will strive towards a more sustainable future.

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