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Brisbane Private Mental Health Hospital Launch By Avive Health – Best Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation Treatment in Brisbane Australia


Brisbane City, Queensland, June 10, 2024 — Avive Health, a mental healthcare services provider, recently expanded its Brisbane facilities. Strategically situated near the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital as well as the Herston Quarter health precinct, Avive Health is addressing the growing demand for specialised mental health care. The company is guided by a patient-first philosophy, leveraging the latest advancements in technology to offer unparalleled service. for more information visit

The hospital’s comprehensive services span from general adult psychiatry to specialist areas like mood disorders, anxiety, and substance use disorder treatment. It also provides developmental trauma treatment and specialised care for adult trauma, with a significant focus on emergency and first responders. With facilities including 63 private bedrooms, seven group therapy rooms, ten consulting rooms, patient rooftop retreat, and a gymnasium and fitness studio dedicated to supporting patient recovery, Avive Health takes a holistic view towards mental health.

brisbane private mental health hospital

Central to Avive Health’s ethos is the provision of individualised care. Treatment strategies at the hospital integrate medication management, psychotherapy, and leading-edge therapeutic techniques tailored to each patient. This bespoke approach targets not just the symptoms but the root cause of the patient’s mental health challenges.

“We focus on creating environments and treatments that respond to the specific needs of our patients,” a representative for Avive Health expressed. “Our expanded facilities… signify our commitment to quality care, ensuring a wide spectrum of treatments is available all in one place.”

Embedded in contemporary research and best practices, Avive Health’s team comprises seasoned mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and therapists, all working together to deliver evidence-based care. This dedication is paired with an ongoing commitment to professional growth, keeping the team abreast of the latest developments in mental health treatment modalities.

“From initial assessment to treatment, discharge and aftercare, our primary focus is the patient’s recovery and overall well-being,” the spokesperson said. “Addressing a range of issues from depression and anxiety to substance use and trauma, our team is committed to offering empathetic care that supports our patients at each step towards recovery.”

Avive Health’s expansion reflects the increasing necessity for specialised care in mental health. By enhancing its services, Avive Health is not just providing treatment, it is offering hope and optimism to those who are struggling with mental health issues, giving patients a chance to reclaim their health and get back into life.

For individuals seeking a wide range of mental health services, Avive Health provides both a sanctuary and a roadmap to recovery. Detailed information about the Brisbane location, as well as other facilities, is accessible at

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