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Celebrated Malaysian Songstress and Life Coach, Nourul Depp,returns to KL, for 1 day only, with her popular lifetransformative Firetalk workshop

Celebrated Malaysian Songstress and Life Coach, Nourul Depp returns to KL to conduct her popular 1-day only Firetalk Seminar. Limited spots available, purchase your tickets now so you can be part of her revolutionary Seminar that will help you transform your life and be the best version of you.

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 April 2024 – FIRETALK BY NOURUL DEPP (NOURUL), a self-development seminar organised by founder/artist/celebrity/health trainer/renowned speaker in Malaysia. This seminar has proven to be an effective platform to provide space and opportunities for participants. It will explore personal potential, talent, self-worth, self transformation, and positive personal development.

This self-development seminar, FIRETALK BY NOURUL which was first organised by Nourul and her team in 2023, is back in 2024. This year’s seminar expects expanded programming and myriad potential for true life changes. The inaugural event, which is popular among its participants from Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, whom have gone through a great and positive transformation and self-improvement after their experience at FIRETALK BY NOURUL 2023.

Looking at the solid and positive support from the past participants, Nourul as the founder and speaker for the FIRETALK self-development seminar is pleased to announce that FIRETALK 2024 will take place on 2 June 2024. This follows by the crowd’s popular demand which provides positive feedback and support and trust. Sincere to the organisers, FIRETALK 2024 will return to action and invigorate the stage by providing a program that is more focused on developing personal potential and talents, by injecting motivation through how to overcome various current life challenges, effects of trauma and issues related to mental health.

Nourul said that she is committed to continuing this mission to help everyone so that the participants can live a better life through personal development. “We hope that this program can reach more participants where they can learn several techniques that can help them to make better decisions and make more meaningful changes in various aspects of life,” she added.

According to Nourul, she has long noticed that many of us are struggling with difficulties in maintaining a positive attitude in their daily lives, and she even believes that mental health is the beginning for all aspects of life. Taking inspiration from famous life coach Tony Robbins, Nourul has embarked on a new journey to train as a life coach. She is currently undergoing training sessions to obtain qualification at Robbins-Madanes Training in Los Angeles, United States.

Nourul is enthusiastic to meet the FIRETALK participants this year on a new and improved larger scale. This is not just a one-time program but it has become an annual event with a comprehensive program that focuses on personal development. Not only that, Nourul will celebrate the participants with a 45-minute singing performance at the end of this program. Never before has an event like this been held, in fact participants can enjoy this extraordinary experience only at FIRETALK.

FIRETALK by NOURUL DEPP will take place on 2 June 2024 at the Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from 9 am to 7 pm. Tickets are available at a price of RM594/person (VIP Package, includes lunch with Nourul), RM378/person (Gold Package) and RM270/person (Silver Package). Ticket reservations can be obtained by contacting Ina Mohd on line +6017 9353909 or online at FIRETALK 2024. Ticket prices include 8% SST, and the ticket prices will be increased from 10 May 2024 onwards.

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