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Embracing Aidilfiti for denture wearers

Select foods that are soft on your dentures, like ketupat (Mufid Majnun - Unsplash

By: Dr Zubaidah Zanul Abidin, Assoc Prof Dr. Nosizana Mohd Salleh, Dr. Siti Fauzza Ahmad

Aidilfitri is a joyous celebration of the end of Ramadan, celebrated by Muslims all over the world. As families gather to share love, laughter, and gratitude, it’s important to consider how individuals with dentures can enjoy this festive season. By ensuring their comfort and confidence in wearing dentures, denture wearers will be able to fully embrace the spirit of this special occasion.

Comfort can be a big challenge for those who wear dentures during any celebratory occasion, let alone Aidilfitri. To ensure optimal comfort during Aidilfitri, here are some tips for denture wearers to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable Aidilfitri celebration.

First and foremost, schedule an early denture checkup with your dentist. This proactive step allows ample time for any necessary adjustments or replacements to be made, ensuring that your dentures fit comfortably and securely during Aidilfitri. By addressing any issues ahead of time, you can avoid discomfort or inconvenience during this special occasion, allowing you to fully participate in the joyous celebrations with confidence and ease.

Maintaining a proper cleaning routine is essential for both oral health and the longevity of your dentures. To ensure optimal cleanliness and functionality, it’s crucial to establish a consistent cleaning regimen. This includes brushing your dentures daily using soft bristle toothbrush and denture paste, along with gently cleaning your gums and tongue to remove any bacteria or debris. Additionally, overnight soaking in a high-quality cleanser is highly recommended to effectively disinfect and remove stains from your dentures. By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, not only you can preserve the integrity of your dentures, but also promote overall oral health, this will enable you to enjoy a comfortable and confident smile while celebrating Aidilfitri.

Awareness of proper adhesive usage is crucial for denture wearers, particularly during festive occasions. If you rely on adhesives to enhance the stability of your dentures, it’s essential to ensure they are securely packed in your luggage. Equally important is the correct application of the adhesive. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure optimal results. Applying adhesives can help prevent discomfort and minimize residue build up, contributing to a more comfortable and natural feeling fit for your dentures. By prioritizing adhesive awareness and adhering to best practices, you can enjoy greater confidence and peace of mind during Aidilfitri while eating raya delicacies like lemang, ketupat and rendang.

While on the topic of raya food, it’s wise to select foods that are gentle on your dentures. Opting for softer options such as ketupat, serunding and lontong that won’t exert excessive pressure on your teeth can enhance your dining experience. Try to avoid hard food such as muruku and nuts as it might lead to denture fracture. Take your time to chew slowly and savour each bite, which not only promotes comfort but also allows for better digestion.

However, exercise caution with sticky foods like lemang, ketupat palas and dodol, as they can adhere to your dentures and potentially cause discomfort. Consuming such items with care can help prevent them from acting as a glue, inadvertently sticking your upper and lower arches together.

This year, Aidilfitri coincides with areas in Malaysia that are still enduring drought conditions. Maintaining adequate hydration is vital to prevent dry mouth, which can cause discomfort and challenges for denture wearers. Therefore, it’s essential to prioritize drinking enough water throughout the day, ensuring proper hydration even amidst the festivities. By keeping a water bottle accessible and taking regular sips, you can alleviate dryness and maintain a moist and comfortable mouth.

And finally, ensure you’re fully equipped for Aidilfitri by carrying denture maintenance essentials, including a denture care kit with spare dentures (if available), a denture brush, cleanser, and a small container for soaking, to maintain optimal oral hygiene even while away from home. Embrace Aidilfitri with confidence, knowing your well-maintained and comfortable dentures provide reliability, allowing you to enjoy the numerous ‘open houses’ without hesitation.

Aidilfitri is undoubtedly a time for happiness, family, and gratitude, but it’s equally crucial to prioritize proper oral health during this season, particularly so for denture wearers. By consistently practicing good oral hygiene, planning ahead, and making positive choices, wearers can ensure that every moment of Aidilfitri is met with joy and comfort, along with an ‘instagrammable’ smile for the camera!

The authors are Dental Lecturers of the Prosthodontics Discipline at the Department of Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Universiti Malaya.

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