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UPSI Exhibits Students’ Interest in Frisbee and Dodgeball Sports


Written by : Muhammad Fatkhurrozak Sokhipul Hadi & Siti Nur Maisarah Rohadi

Tanjong Malim – Sports development needs to be preserved in students at school. Support in co-curriculum activities not only has an impact on physical skills, but even intelligent thinking and a strong self can be formed. It is at the same time a jewel for the birth of athletes that will glorify the country in the future.

Through this initiative, the Exco Sports and Recreation Student Council of Harun Aminurrashid College (KHAR) has organized the USR Sports Spectrum Programme: Presenting Madani in the School Sports Arena which took place at the UPSI Gymnasium.

This programme aims to introduce frisbee and dodgeball sports among elementary school students as well as to open up opportunities and space for students to try sports that are being built and to encourage less active students interested in sports activities.

KHAR’s collaboration with Red Scorpion UPSI and Dodgeball’s club got a good welcome from the seven schools involved: SK Methodist, SK Aminudin Baki, SK Ampang Pecah, SK Rawang, SK Seri Fajar, SK Kampung Seoharto and SK Kodiang.

Programme advisor Hazman Yaakob stated that UPSI has always opened up opportunities for students to organize partnership programmes continuously practically to the community. It is included with the idea of the Vice Chancellor of UPSI, Prof. Datuk Dr Md Amin Md Taff ensuring the university as the leader and the reference place of the community in any field. “In line with the ideas of Vice Cancelor UPSI to make this university a reference centre in the fields including cocuriculum and sports, this program includes one that supports this aspiration. It also helps our students to learn to be great teachers while bringing benefits to society by sharing knowledge and experience in the field of sport,” he added.

UPSI and KHAR will always be committed to pursuing a partnership program that opens up opportunities for students to be close to the community. It also proves the university always supports the student event by giving birth to a generation capable of being leaders and advancing educational well-being in various aspects and fields.

UPSI will also continue to preserve the culture of sports and provide opportunities for people to grow active as well as capture new talents that can bring and honour the name of Malaysia in the world.

The Deputy Cancelor of Student and Alumni Affairs UPSI, Prof. Dr. Norkhalid Salimin stated that he will always support all programmes that benefit the community.

“I’m confident that with the cooperation from the chairman, the felo, the management of the college and the students, we will present programmes that have a high impact and are good for the community as well. This is proof that UPSI is always united with the community in building support for the birth of a talented man with a great soul for the nation of Malaysia,” he said.

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