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Audemars Microtec Holds Grand Opening Ceremony For Its New State-Of-The-Art Production Facility In Melaka, Malaysia


MELAKA, 22 January 2024 – Audemars Microtec; a global leader in micro-technology and a key supplier of precision micro-components for implantable, interventional and wearable medical devices, proudly marked the Grand Opening of its cutting-edge manufacturing facility in the Angkasa Nuri Industrial Area, Melaka. The milestone celebration was made possible with the invaluable support of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).

The new facility, strategically located in Melaka, is poised to produce high-tech precision components, including micro-coils, micro-magnets and micro-assemblies, catering to the evolving needs of customers while expanding Audemars Microtec’s global presence.

The ceremony was attended by Datuk Seri Utama Ab Rauf Yusoh, Chief Minister of Melaka; Datuk Fairul Nizam Roslan, EXCO of Science, Technology, Innovation and Digital Communication; Mr. Sivasuriyamoorthy Sundara Raja, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Investment Promotion and Facilitation) of MIDA; Tuan Zahari Abd Khalil, Deputy EXCO for Infrastructure, Public Facilities and Transport; Mr. Ralph A. Stamm, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Switzerland in Malaysia; Dr. Mirko Audemars, Owner and CEO of the Audemars Group; Mr. Brett McMillan, COO of the Audemars Group; as well as other distinguished guests.

“Audemars Microtec’s new site in Melaka is testament to the thriving business environment and economic opportunities that our state has to offer. Melaka is proud to be able to attract such a high-tech company from overseas, which will not only enhance Melaka’s reputation but also contribute to the vibrancy of our business landscape. Melaka has long been known for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and warm hospitality. With the inauguration of Audemars Microtec (Malaysia), we are witnessing the fusion of tradition and progress, the harmonious coexistence of our past and the promising future that lies ahead. Melaka is committed to creating an environment that fosters innovation, encourages investment, and ensures the success of businesses that choose Melaka as their home.” said Datuk Seri Utama Ab Rauf Yusoh.

Datuk Wira Arham Abdul Rahman, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MIDA, expressed the strategic importance of this venture, stating, “Audemars Microtec, with its legacy of precision, innovation, and excellence, reinforces Malaysia’s strategic standing as a location for micro-technology. This is the kind of investment that Malaysia aims to attract and anchor: highly sophisticated manufacturing, on the frontiers of technology, and helping to position us at pivotal points of global supply chains. Many of these are skilled jobs which meet the aspirations of Malaysians. Beyond jobs, these investments also enhance the vibrancy of our economy and help us stay relevant to the world. This investment will also bring us closer to achieving our ambition for the manufacturing sector as outlined in the New Industrial Master Plan (NIMP) 2030. As the leading force behind investment promotion in the country under MITI, MIDA is excited about working hand-inhand with Audemars Microtec. We look forward to nurturing the growth of their operations in Malaysia.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Mirko Audemars, owner and CEO of Audemars Microtec remarked, “The opening of our new manufacturing site in Melaka, Malaysia, represents a significant milestone for the Audemars Group, and we are delighted to share this occasion with our valued partners, stakeholders,and the local community. This state-of-the-art production facility may support up to 200 local jobs and has been strategically designed to meet the
growing demand for our precision components.”

“We believe that the establishment of the Melaka plant will enhance Audemars’ standing as a globally recognised manufacturer of high-tech precision components. We are excited to be part of Melaka’s growing eco-environment and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. The collaboration with the local workforce and investment in renewable energy sources underscores our dedication to ensuring sustainable development for both Audemars Microtec and the region. Today marks the commencement of a promising journey. We are committed to strengthening our efforts to fulfil the increasing capacity demands and ensuring business continuity that are vital to our client’s success. We extend our gratitude to everyone who has been part of this venture so far.” he added.

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