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Artroniq Responds To Share Price Volatility with Confidence in Business Stability


KUALA LUMPUR, 18 January 2024 – Artroniq Berhad (“Artroniq” or the “Company”), a key contender on the ACE Market, in response to the recent fluctuations in share price as noted by Bursa Malaysia Securities, reassures stakeholders of the company’s stable operations and continued growth.

Artroniq is diligently investigating the factors contributing to the recent stock price volatility and will keep stakeholders duly informed. Meanwhile, the Company emphasises that the business operations remain unaffected. Artroniq’s core business areas, including semiconductor technology, electric vehicle assembly, and blockchain innovation, continue to operate as usual. These sectors are advancing as planned, underlining the Company’s commitment to sustainable innovation and technological leadership.

Most recently, there have been positive developments at Artroniq Berhad’s subsidiary, Artroniq iTech Sdn Bhd, which involves significant engagements in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. The assembly and finishing of cutting-edge products in the EV sector align with the Company’s strategic commitment to spearhead advancements in sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility solutions. Additionally, Artroniq is actively participating in notable partnerships within the blockchain technology domain, contributing to innovative solutions in digital transactions and cybersecurity. These endeavors further solidify Artroniq’s position as a trailblazer in technology.

Additionally, the collaboration with United E-Motor, marked by the successful launch of their electric motorcycles in Malaysia, is a testament to the Company’s dedication to sustainable urban mobility. This venture not only introduces advanced eco-friendly transportation options to the Malaysian market but also supports the nation’s ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

The management from Artroniq Berhad, asserts, “We are aware of our stakeholders’ concerns regarding our share price. Rest assured, our strategic initiatives in key sectors like semiconductors and electric vehicles, including our collaboration with United E-Motor, are advancing. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability in Malaysia’s technology landscape remains firm.”

In conclusion, Artroniq is confidence in the Company’s strategic direction and growth potential, despite market challenges. The company pledges ongoing transparency with all stakeholders and is focused on delivering value through innovative and sustainable technology solutions.

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