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OPM Indie Artist Seora And His Song “KILITI”


Meet Seora, singer-songwriter, producer, and the up-and-coming artist in the OPM indie music scene, formerly known as Mark Brando. Previously acclaimed for the standout track “Sa Pagtulog ng Buwan,” Seora, under his new name, released “Kiliti” on April 21, 2023, presenting a fresh sound that transcends genres and captivates global audiences.

Having transitioned from Mark Brando, Seora continues his musical journey with a revitalized identity and artistic vision. “Kiliti,” a feel-good track that swiftly claimed the top spot on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Philippines playlist upon its release, signifies a significant moment in Seora’s evolution as an artist.

Inspired by the essence of embracing joy and lightness in life, “Kiliti” encapsulates Seora’s personal experiences and journey with his partner, blending elements of lo-fi and R&B. The track resonates well with listeners, delivering a message of enjoying the present moment and cherishing the company of loved ones saying, “This is inspired talaga from my own personal experience, from me and my partner. I just love our relationship na parang you can do anything ‘pag magkasama kayo and at the same time na-e-enjoy niyo yung company ng isa’t isa.”

Delving deeper into the song’s inception, Seora discloses that “Kiliti” was sparked by an unexpected source—the ending theme song, “Kigeki” or “Comedy,” from Season 1 Part 1 of the acclaimed anime SPY x FAMILY. He explains, “I’m a huge fan of ‘SPY x FAMILY’ and its ending theme by Gen Hoshino. The idea for ‘Kiliti’ sparked when my partner and I shared a playful moment of tickling while watching the show. . The lyrics of “Comedy” are sweet and sincere, particularly the chorus, which further motivated me to create a similar vibe. That’s where I got the idea—what if I make a song like this? That was one of my reasons for creating ‘Kiliti.'”

The shift from Mark Brando to Seora symbolizes a change in artistic expression, showcasing an exploration of diverse genres. Seora’s commitment to musical innovation shines through the intricate composition and melodies of “Kiliti,” inviting listeners into a realm of musical euphoria.

“‘Kiliti’ is dedicated to all joyful couples and those seeking love, serving as a reminder to embrace life wholeheartedly,” Seora shares. “It’s a celebration of the happiness found in relationships while encouraging everyone to cherish every moment, whether in togetherness or solitude.”

Looking ahead, Seora remains dedicated to creating new music and showcasing his artistry through live performances whenever possible. Available on all major streaming platforms, “Kiliti” promises to uplift spirits and brighten days with its catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Stay tuned as Seora, with his unique sound and limitless creativity, continues to make waves in the OPM music scene.

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