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Nippon Paint Unveils Two Design Winners of the 2023 AYDA Awards

Jesslyn Tew (Left) and Lim Jeng Ying (Right)

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 December 2023 – Nippon Paint proudly announces Lim Jeng Ying from Universiti Malaya (UM) and Jesslyn Tew Chien Yeen from INTI International University & College as Architectural and Interior Design Gold Award winners of the 2023 Asia Young Designer Awards (AYDA), respectively.

The AYDA Gold Award winners will represent Malaysia in a competition against 15 other regions for the prestigious title ‘Asia Young Designer of The Year’ next year. As part of the main prize, the winners have the opportunity to attend a 3-week programme at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, next year. Other participating regions include Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkiye (formerly known as Turkey) and Vietnam.

Lim Jeng Ying, the 2023 AYDA Gold Award Winners Architectural category
AYDA 2023 Gold Award Winners, 12 finalists, judges, representatives from Nippon Paint and IJM Land Berhad

Chen Lee Siong, General Manager Group Trade Use Business of Nippon Paint Malaysia expressed his pride in Jeng Ying and Jesslyn Tew, stating, “We are proud of the 2023 AYDA Gold Award winners, Jeng Ying and Jesslyn Tew. Their achievements inspire our commitment to providing a platform for successful talents in the design field.

“We believe that their success will leave a lasting impact on the design industry and contribute significantly to the progress of our nation. With that, we will continue to empower young designers,” he added.

Jeng Ying and Jesslyn Tew expressed their gratitude to Nippon Paint for offering platforms like AYDA, providing them unique opportunities for design skill enhancement, and industry networking with the AYDA community.

Jeng Ying, whose project winning is titled ‘Inspiriting Place Revitalization of The Historical Riverine Settlement a Living Riverine Museum’ shared, “I have learned a lot throughout my AYDA journey. I hope that the knowledge and skills I gained during this competition will prepare me to compete at the next level.”

Jeng Ying envisions transforming Sungai Petani, Kedah, into an inspiriting place, breathing new life into its historical settlement and creating a living riverine museum that actively engages residents and visitors with the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the area.

On the other hand, Jesslyn Tew, optimistic about the electric vehicle (EV) industry with her project ‘Voltyage Integrated EV Charging Station’ expressed her joy, stating, “I am happy to be able to share my ideas with the AYDA community. I hope that this project will captivate the judges in the next stage, which will take place in Chennai, India next year.”

Jesslyn Tew’s award-winning design project goes beyond conventional charging solutions, emphasizing on providing an exceptional user experience for EV owners. Her project envisions revamping the conventional EV charging station into an inviting and sustainable roadside oasis, redefining the charging experience as a positive and enjoyable aspect of the overall journey.

Under the theme, CONVERGE: Championing Purposeful Designs, AYDA participants are encouraged to push their innovation boundaries to explore the possibilities of combining personal design interest with causes worth fighting for. The end goal is to build beacons of hope for communities in need while promoting the development of humanity.

Chen emphasised, “While many designs have strong commercial purposes and play pivotal roles in economic development, AYDA uniquely centers on fostering good design that goes beyond, encompassing an essential part in community development and addressing the need of under-represented communities.”

The Chief Judges of AYDA, Assoc. Prof. Ar. Sarly Arde Sarkum, for the Architectural category and IDr. Ooi Boon Seong, for the Interior Design category, expressed pride in the winners and finalists while extending gratitude to Nippon Paint for offering a good platform for young designers to refine their skills in the design industry.

Sharing the same sentiment, they said, “AYDA winners never fail to impress us. This year’s winners, Jeng Ying and Jesslyn Tew, exhibit thoughtful designs with human touch, practicality and comprehensiveness.

Emphasising the significance of AYDA, the Chief Judges stated, “AYDA is a great initiative by Nippon Paint. It plays a crucial role in empowering young talents to build confidence and raise the standard of education. This platform has provided them with a valuable glimpse of the working world and moving forward, we hope that the students will pursue a career in the design industry with grit and determination.”

Datuk Tony Ling Thou Lung, Chief Operating Officer of IJM Land Berhad said, “As a steadfast supporter of AYDA, we remain dedicated in fostering and nurturing the visionary talents that are shaping the future of our built environment. Through the years, we have witnessed numerous emerging talents. This next generation of designers and architects not only align with our values but also showcases an exceptional ability to leverage innovation for sustainable design and pushing industry boundaries. It is truly remarkable to see AYDA serve as a launchpad for their promising careers.”

Since 2008, the AYDA Awards has created an impactful platform for young architects and interior designers. This year, AYDA Awards has received over 1490 submissions for both Architectural and Interior Designer categories from 52 colleges and universities across Malaysia.

As part of AYDA initiative, Nippon Paint has organized three ‘Cakaplah’ sessions, inviting professional leaders and AYDA alumni to share their insights with AYDA students. Additionally, AYDA finalists have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one coaching sessions with the AYDA judges.

In collaboration with IJM Land Berhad, one of Malaysia’s top developers, Nippon Paint will continue to expand this robust design community to nurture budding architects and interior designers across Asia.

For more information about AYDA, follow the AYDA Facebook page AYDA Malaysia or visit

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