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Creating water ambassadors for the future


In celebration of World Water Day 2023, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Universiti Islam Selangor (UIS), and UNESCO-IHP Malaysia recently organized a one-day “Water Awareness Camp for Future Leaders 2023” (WACFFL 2023). The program took place at the Semenyih Eco-Venture Resort and Recreation, Selangor on 16 October 2023. This collaborative program aims to enhance awareness of the importance of water resources among the younger generation through physical and group activities.

WACFFL 2023 marks the third iteration of the program organized by UNITEN. It seeks to educate participants to become agents of change in society, promoting an appreciation for water and the environment. This year’s participants, consisting of 33 UNITEN students and 32 UIS students from diverse backgrounds, have the opportunity to complete six modules covering aspects such as water quality, water resource management, river monitoring, rainwater harvesting, river biodiversity, and renewable energy from water. Each module of the program involves various interactive methods and group presentations to test participants’ understanding.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz Mat Isa, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student and Alumni Affairs) at UNITEN, “I am delighted to see university students entrusted with the responsibility of conserving water resources from an early stage. Programs like WACFFL 2023 are a positive step in shaping future leaders who are environmentally conscious.”

Prof. Dr. Nabsiah Abdul Wahid, Chair of the Public Education, Training, and Information Committee of UNESCO-IHP Malaysia, also shared her thoughts, “I extend my congratulations to the UNITEN and UIS students who will become ambassadors for water resources in the future. I hope that programs like this can continue in the future, and the collective efforts between higher education institutions and government agencies will continue the mission of water awareness in alignment with the government’s goals.”

WACFFL 2023 serves as a prime example of comprehensive cooperation between higher education institutions and government agencies to ensure the continuous promotion of water awareness among the younger generation. The program helps participants instil core values and develop well-rounded individuals in terms of intellect, spirituality, emotions, and physical well-being through out-of-class learning methods.

The Water Awareness Camp for Future Leaders 2023 (WACFFL 2023) represents a significant stride towards nurturing a generation that cares deeply about environmental sustainability and water resources. It is hoped that such programs will continue to have a positive impact and inspire efforts to educate the youth about water awareness.

Further details on the event may be acquired from Gs. Ts. Nazirul Mubin Zahari (

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