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Conflux‘s Hong Kong Office Officially Opens, Ushering in a New Chapter of Global Growth

HONG KONG SAR 27 October 2023 – On October 25th, the Conflux Hong Kong office celebrated its official launch with an opening ceremony at the Hong Kong Cyberport.

The ribbon cutting ceremony
The ribbon cutting ceremony

Conflux founder Professor Long Fan was unable to attend in-person and instead sent his blessings through a video call. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted jointly by Peter Yan, CEO of Cyberport Management Co., Ltd., Terry Chan from the Invest Hong Kong of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Dr. Wu Ming, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Conflux, and Zhang Yuanjie, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Conflux. Special congratulations were extended by Dr. Joseph Rodarick Law, Justice of the Peace of Australia and Executive Chairman of J Global. Positioned strategically in the heart of Asia and extending its reach worldwide, the Hong Kong office stands as a pivotal hub in Conflux’s comprehensive internationalization strategy to deliver services to global users and partners.

Next, Terry Chan from the Invest Hong Kong of the Hong Kong SAR Government offered his blessings. He emphasized that Hong Kong’s free, open, and well-regulated business environment provides an excellent foundation for developing the digital economy. He congratulated Conflux on the opening of the new office and expressed his hope that Conflux, leveraging Hong Kong’s unique advantage of being “backed by the motherland and connected to the world,” will expand its digital business, support the development of the Greater Bay Area, and align itself with the global community.

Peter Yan, CEO of Hong Kong Cyberport Management Co., Ltd., also offered his congratulations. Peter stated that Cyberport has evolved into an innovation community centered around the digital industry, bringing together over 1,900 technology and creative enterprises. Cyberport is actively working to establish itself as a global digital technology hub, contributing to the economic momentum in Hong Kong. He congratulated Conflux on the opening of their office and expressed his commitment to providing support to Conflux, working together to create Cyberport’s digital advantage.

Afterwards, Dr. Wu Ming, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Conflux, delivered a speech. He introduced Conflux’s upcoming global strategic plan, stating that Hong Kong marks the first step of Conflux’s global strategy. Subsequently, offices will be established in Dubai, Europe, and other regions, to expand business outreach and connect with the global digital ecosystem. In the meantime, Dr. Wu Ming expressed that the Conflux Hong Kong office will fully utilize Hong Kong’s advantages in international finance, technology, and trade. By actively integrating into Hong Kong’s blueprint for technological development, Conflux will collaborate with more users and ecosystem partners, leverage the advantages of technological innovation, and contribute to the development of Hong Kong’s digital economy.

The next address came from Zhang Yuanjie, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Conflux, where he presented the current state of Conflux’s ecosystem, highlighted select ecosystem application cases, and unveiled the ecosystem layout plan. He expressed his optimism about Hong Kong’s role as a global financial hub, and promised that Conflux remains committed to providing high-quality Web 3.0 infrastructure and ecosystem support, bolstering blockchain technology, digital economy, and Web 3.0 development in Hong Kong and China.

Dr. Joseph Rodarick Law, Justice of the Peace of Australia and Executive Chairman of J Global, delivered the last speech. He welcomed technological pioneers like Conflux to Hong Kong, encouraging them to establish their roots in the city. He expressed his blessings for the future development of Conflux in Hong Kong.

Conflux was founded in 2018, with Professor Long Fan and Chief Scientist, as well as Turing Award laureate, Professor Andrew Yao at its core. The team comprises exceptional young computer scientists from prestigious institutions such as Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China University of Science and Technology, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Following two years of dedicated research and development, the team launched the Conflux public blockchain globally. As the sole regulatory compliant public blockchain in China and one of the high-quality underlying infrastructures for the development of Web 3.0, Conflux’s public blockchain has achieved a leading edge in data, boasting 3000+ transactions per second (TPS), 5000+ nodes, 0.5-second block time, and 23-second confirmation time. The mainnet has been running stably for nearly three years, with over 24.7 million on-chain accounts, 127 million transactions, and nearly 18,000 deployed smart contracts. Conflux ranks third in the world in terms of network size (by number of consensus nodes) and is the only Chinese public blockchain that stands among the top global performers.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Wu Ming also introduced to the guests the Blockchain SIM card (“BSIM card”), jointly developed by Conflux and China Telecom. Leveraging the hardware security advantages of SIM cards, the BSIM card protects user private keys, presenting a seamless and secure solution for Web 3.0 users. He mentioned that in the near future, Conflux will initiate pilot testing for the BSIM card in Hong Kong.

With the development of the global digital economy, embracing digital transformation becomes a proactive and strategic choice. The BSIM Card solves the identity authentication problem, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds. The next focus of digitizing the economy lies in the deep integration of digital and real-world assets. In his speech, Dr. Wu Ming mentioned that the Hong Kong office will continue to actively engage in digital economy compliance business. Serving as the foundational infrastructure for the digital economy, it will support Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area in vigorously developing a blockchain-based cross-border trade settlement system using the Hong Kong dollar. This initiative, coupled with the “Belt and Road” strategy, aims to construct a digital payment ecosystem, unleashing the potential and innovative value of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

The Conflux Hong Kong office welcomes partners from various industries to consult and collaborate to foster a more vibrant and diverse ecosystem. Leveraging its performance and integration advantages, Conflux will engage in strategic collaborations with its ecosystem partners in areas such as technological innovation and talent exchange. With the support of the Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong serves as Conflux’s gateway to digital innovation, embracing policies that explore the innovative potential and future prospects of digital economy and Web 3.0.


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