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Starlight Centre announces the launch and open house for their new after-school care centre for children with autism


Specifically aimed at autistic children in Pathlight and mainstream primary schools

SINGAPORE 24 Oct 2023 – Starlight Centre launches a new after-school care centre catering to children with autism. Officially launching on the 4th November, 2023 with an open day, the centre offers a programme specifically tailored for students with autism who are enrolled in mainstream primary schools or at Pathlight.

The centre is a collaboration between Candy, her husband Alex Lim and Johnny Fok, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and clinical director of Intervention Services for Autism and Developmental Delay (ISADD) with 19 years of clinical experience in supporting learners to overcome the challenges they face in their academic journey.

Johnny uses evidence-based behavioural analytic practices in his work and values a warm, fun, and trusting therapeutic relationship with his clients.

“Over the years we’ve grown to trust Johnny and I have seen how immensely he has helped our son Yohanes. When Yohanes was admitted to Pathlight we asked ourselves what more we could do for Yohanes and children like him.” said Candy Lee, Principal of Starlight Centre. “Alex and I have run Crystal Learning, a small-group language school for adults since 2012 and it’s really meaningful that we can now combine our experience of running a school and Johnny’s therapeutic expertise to make life for children with autism and their parents a little easier”.

Filling A Crucial Void

While there are already special needs after-school care centres in Singapore, they don’t equip students with the academic skills necessary to eventually prepare for PSLE.

Mainstream “after school care” centres, on the other hand, lack the expertise and low student-to-staff ratio crucial for supporting autistic children.

Starlight Centre bridges this chasm by offering specialised, curriculum-aligned care for students with autism, ensuring they thrive both academically and socially.

Starlight Centre’s Curriculum

Starlight’s curriculum blends social-emotional skills that are crucial for children with autism with mainstream academic support.

– Social and Community Skills equip learners with techniques to understand social rules, and to establish safety and personal boundaries.

– Friendship Skills enhance learners’ capabilities to form age-appropriate friendships, maintain conversations, and understand social cues.

– Academic Skills Development & Learning Support facilitates effective homework completion, test preparation, and essential academic strategies.

– Emotion Recognition and Self-Management Skills foster learners’ abilities to recognize and manage their emotions healthily.

With 29 years of collective experience in supporting individuals with autism, Starlight Centre’s team offers a comprehensive, individualised approach for each child.

Official Launch and Open House

Discover more about the Starlight Centre’s vision, methodologies, and the team behind this initiative during an Open House event on 4th November 2023.

– Date: 4th November 2023

– Time: 2 – 5pm

– Location: 20 Kramat Lane #05-05, Singapore 228773

Parents and caregivers are invited to register their attendance via the official website: