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Prof. Ir. Dr. Ramesh Singh, UNITEN’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International)

PUTRAJAYA, 5 JUNE 2023 – The Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) results for the year 2022 are scheduled to be announced on 8 June 2023. This is an exciting and nerve-wrecking time for both students and parents alike. For these students, it represents a significant milestone in determining their educational pathway towards higher education in their desired fields. In general, to be eligible to pursue undergraduate studies in any universities in Malaysia, SPM leavers must fulfil entry requirements set by the respective institutions. This entails undertaking and successfully completing a foundation, pre-university, A-Levels, International Baccalaureate (IB) or a diploma programme.

The foundation programme, which is typically taught over one academic year, serves as an excellent option for students who have completed SPM, IGCSE or O-Levels to gain the entry into a university degree programme. Many undergraduate programmes offer specialised courses, enabling students to focus on their chosen fields. Meanwhile, there are also programmes that provide flexibility in selecting subjects of interest. Therefore, it is beneficial for students to contemplate what career they would like to venture into, as university entry requirements vary from one to another.

The selection of an entry qualification programme largely relies on one’s educational goals, career aspirations, as well as preference to continue higher education in Malaysia or overseas. If the student plans to pursue a degree abroad, it is wise to pursue an A-Level, IB, or a relevant external pre-university programme based on the desired country. However, if the plan is to study in Malaysia, the foundation programme makes an excellent choice, as it is more cost-effective, career-focused, expedited and easier than the A-Levels or the IB programme.

Foundation programmes are specifically designed to bridge the knowledge gap between secondary school education and undergraduate studies. At Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), all foundation programmes are tailored to international standards and industry relevance, enabling students to pursue degrees in fields such as Engineering, Business, Computer Science, and more.

“This year, UNITEN has heeded the call and aspiration of the honourable Prime Minister for Malaysia Madani by offering a discounted price of only RM6,000 for all its foundation programmes,” said Prof. Ir. Dr. Ramesh Singh, UNITEN’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International). “This exclusive offer is available to all Malaysian SPM and equivalent O-Levels school leavers seeking higher education. The foundation programmes offered at UNITEN are known to be the most affordable in the country and aim to equip students with the knowledge, critical thinking skills and improved communication skills, preparing them for possible challenges in their undergraduate studies,” he added.

Prof. Ramesh stressed that the curriculum of these programmes is well designed and delivered with a forward-thinking approach that reflects the standards of a world-class university. “UNITEN has a remarkable track record of providing high-quality tertiary education for the past 26 years. Almost 100% of students who completed the foundation studies gained entry to their preferred degree programmes at UNITEN instead of transferring to other universities,” he said.

According to Prof. Ramesh, one of the main reasons for this high retention is UNITEN’s excellent graduate employability rate, which stands at 96.8%. “This indicates that the university has earned reputation for producing holistic graduates who are highly employable in their chosen fields of study. The strong linkages with the industry have also benefited the students greatly in exposing them to solving real and complex problems inside and outside the classroom.”

“Additionally, UNITEN offers ample scholarships and discounts on tuition fees to support students financially. The university provides six foundation programmes in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics & Management. The main campus in Putrajaya offers excellent infrastructure and accommodation at an affordable price, with easy access to numerous amenities in the Klang Valley, Kajang, Seri Kembangan and Puchong areas. The campus is situated just 7 minutes away from IOI City Mall, the second-largest mall in the world (by gross leasable area) and the largest mall in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Shuttle services, excellent sports facilities and various recreational amenities are provided to students at no cost to ensure a balanced lifestyle that enhances their overall learning experience. Through its strong international linkages with universities in Germany, Scotland, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and other countries, UNITEN students could gain international learning experience through the UNITEN Global Exchange & Mobility programme (GEM),” he concluded.

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