Photo courtesy: Ascendance (from left to right): CEO of Ascendance, Harsha Ravindran, received the “Best Entrepreneurship Education Project” award for their online platform ‘’ from the Chairman of Manan Trust, Alistair Thompson, in Singapore last night.

SINGAPORE, 18TH MAY 2023 – Malaysian start-up and Gen Z-led youth organisation, Ascendance bagged the “Best Entrepreneurship Education Project” award for their online platform ‘’ at the 2023 Money Awareness & Inclusion Awards (MAIA) is an online platform by Ascendance where Gen Zs can explore entrepreneurship, financial literacy and more through workshops, talk shows and mentorship sessions featuring c-suite executives, entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world. With more than 6,000 students across Malaysia on the platform, The Teenage Entrepreneur held over 200 live virtual events last year. Led by Mahalaxcme Ganesan (20), Abinayasree Meyappan (19) and Vinishyaa Sugumar (21), this platform is run by Gen Z for Gen Z with participants as young as just 8 years old! 

Photo courtesy: Ascendance Co-Founders of Ascendance, Harsha Ravindran (CEO) and Mathura Kannan (Advisor) at the Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards (MAIA) in Singapore.

Announcing the winner of the “Best Entrepreneurship Education Project” award was Marc Fancy, the Executive Director of Prudence Foundation and one of the judges of MAIA, who congratulated the Gen Z team behind The Teenage Entrepreneur platform. Giving his hearty congratulations to Ascendance from Hong Kong, Fancy said, “The judges felt that this was a really cool approach, very Netflix-y style content and a platform that would really appeal to the target audience.”

Founded by Michael Gilmore and Trudi Harris from Singapore and England, the Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards (MAIA) celebrates people who work to make the world of money more open and inclusive. This year’s award show is held live from the three top financial cities around the world – Singapore, New York and London. 

Photo courtesy: Ascendance Founder of the Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards (MAIA), Michael Gilmore, welcomed the audience and announced the first award for the day – “Best Fintech by a For-Profit Organisation”.

Founder and finance professional Michael Gilmore elatedly opened the awards ceremony by saying, “All these [nominees] are working incredibly hard to try and teach their beneficiaries, their communities and their families how to handle their money better.” Reflecting on how far MAIA has come this year, Gilmore said, “There was a much higher level of quality that was coming through and some globally known names included in that list. We’ve even had small enterprises beat some of the bigger players, too, because of the level of passion that they have for what they do.” 

Congratulations to the Gen Z team at Ascendance for developing this award-winning platform! platform is free and made accessible by Ascendance. It provides all Gen Zs equal opportunity to learn and further develop themselves in entrepreneurship and student leadership. Working with companies and sponsors, Ascendance aims to provide this platform to more Malaysian students nationwide. If you are from an organisation or are an individual that would like to support rolling out The Teenage Entrepreneur platform to more public schools, do get in touch with Ascendance at

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