International and local rugby lovers are back cheering in Hong Kong Stadium

Photo: Hong Kong Tourism Board

HONG KONG, April 5 2023 (Bernama) – As Hong Kong returns to the international stage, Hong Kong Sevens was finally back in the Asian world city in full swing from 31 March to 2 April.

This year’s tournament also made history to include the first women’s competitions alongside the men’s on the same days, gathering some of the world best rugby players from 28 of the premier men’s and women’s Rugby Sevens teams at the iconic Hong Kong Stadium.

New Zealand took home the champions in both men’s and women’s tournaments against strong contenders including Fiji, Australia, Great Britain, South Africa and the host Hong Kong China this year.

Rugby lovers from around the world flocked to Hong Kong to watch one of the most celebrated international tournaments and experience the adrenaline-filled atmosphere at the stadium.

Enthusiastic fans attended the sports extravaganza in creative costumes, while enjoying the immersive experience with a tremendously hyped crowd in the uniquely Hong Kong party across three days.

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