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FUZHOU — A City Worth Revisiting Time And Again

FUZHOU, China, March 28 2023 (Bernama) — Recently, the promotional video of Fuzhou of Fujian Province, titled “What You Did Not Know about Fuzhou — Cultural Tourism Economy”, was released through overseas social media accounts including “Oriental.Paris”, “Discover Fujian” and “Discover Fuzhou”.

With the classical and fashionable elements, the beauty of the mountains and the sea, the profound culture and the smart and convenient service, the city invites tourists from all over the world to visit Fuzhou, feel it and fall in love with it, according to the Publicity Department of the CPC Fuzhou Municipal Committee.

The video shows the “going green” and the beauty of Fuzhou, a modern metropolis. Its blue seashore, waterways of Min River, and recreational hot springs are diverse and integrated attractions. The Heart of the Min River, the Cultural Town of Naval Industry History, and the Three Treasures of Fuzhou City are blossoming in synergy.

The Maritime Silk Road International Tourism Festival and the World Heritage Conference are making great strides in their endeavors, fully showcasing the international style of Fuzhou and enlarging the circle of friends. The 5G, big data, cloud computing and precise cultural tourism services have improved the convenience and sense of happiness of tourists. Local music IP, high-quality literary works of the Min School and other wonderful original content are orchestrated for stage, attracting more and more young people to meet in Fuzhou, the city of fortune, to enjoy a poetic life and share their dreams.
In recent years, Fuzhou has refined its top-level design, incorporated the whole-area eco-tourism development concept into the overall economic and social development of the city, incessantly promoted the integrated development of “tourism +” and “+ tourism”, actively expanded the integrated development path of cultural and tourism for high-quality development.

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