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Southern Asset Management Asia-Pacific Low Carbon ETF launches today

SHENZHEN, CHINA – Media OutReach – 30 December 2022 In recent years, the opening-up of China’s capital market has been accelerating, and its international influence has been continuously enhanced. On December 30th, Southern Asset Management’s Shenzhen-Singapore ETF interoperability product, China Southern CSOP CGS-CIMB FTSE Asia-Pacific Low-Carbon Selected ETF (abbreviation: Asia-Pacific Low Carbon ETF, code: 159687), was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. On the same day, CSOP CSI STAR and CHINEXT 50 Index ETF (SGX: SCY) was listed in Singapore, providing diversified cross-border investment options for investors in China and Singapore.

Shenzhen-Singapore ETF exchange is another important measure for the two-way opening of China’s capital market. On the one hand, the exchange of Shenzhen-Singapore ETFs will realize the introduction of Singapore ETFs. Investors from mainland China can indirectly invest in ETF products in Singapore market in China through Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which is conducive to further enriching the cross-border fund product system, expanding investors’ cross-border investment channels and meeting the diversified cross-border investment needs of investors from mainland China. On the other hand, the exchange of Shenzhen-Singapore ETFs will realize the “going out” of Shenzhen ETFs. As an important international financial center in Asia and even the whole world, Singapore’s capital market is an open market for global investors, with diversified sources of funds. The listing and trading of Shenzhen ETF on the Singapore Stock Exchange will provide convenient channels for overseas investors to invest in A-share ETFs, which will help broaden the overseas investment channels and customer scope of Shenzhen ETF, introduce diversified incremental funds, enrich the structure of holders, and promote the greater development of Shenzhen ETF.

The Asia-Pacific low-carbon ETF issued and traded in Southern Asset Management is not only the first Shenzhen-Singapore ETF, but also China’s first ETF in the Asia-Pacific region, covering the high-quality assets in China, Singapore, Japan, Australia, India and other markets for the first time, providing a more convenient way for investors in China to invest globally. Mainland investors in China can indirectly invest in ETF products in Singapore market through Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The “one-click” layout of Asia-Pacific low-carbon leading companies is conducive to further expanding cross-border investment channels, enriching cross-border fund product systems, and meeting the diversified cross-border investment and global asset allocation needs of mainland investors in China. With huge market capacity and close economic and trade cooperation, the economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region has been strong and full of stamina in recent years. Asia-Pacific low-carbon ETF is blessed by the economic growth and green and low-carbon transformation in the Asia-Pacific region, and have good market demand and investment prospects.

Through Shenzhen-Singapore ETF interoperability mechanism, Southern Asset Management also exported China Southern CSI STAR&CHINEXT 50 Index ETF to the Singapore market, realizing the overseas listing of China ETF. The listing of China Southern CSI STAR&CHINEXT 50 Index ETF on Singapore Exchange will facilitate foreign investors to invest in China assets through Shenzhen-Singapore ETF exchange mechanism, and share the investment opportunities of China’s new economic transformation and upgrading. At the same time, it will further enhance the global influence of China Index and ETF products, and promote the international development of China asset management institutions and capital markets.

As one of the first batches of standardized fund management companies in China, Southern Asset Management is rooted in Shenzhen, the frontier of reform and opening up, and has always adhered to the international development direction, striving to be the pioneer of opening up the capital market. It was the first fund company in the industry to obtain QDII qualification, issued the first QDII Public Offering of Fund in China, and was also the first mainland fund company to set up a subsidiary in Hong Kong. The first batch of Shenzhen-Singapore ETF interoperability products is a strong alliance between Southern Asset Management and its overseas subsidiary CSOP. As the first overseas asset management company set up by China mainland fund companies, CSOP has focused on ETF investment since its establishment, and is the leading ETF management institution in Hong Kong and even in Asia.