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The final stretch – Global C-Pop star Tia Lee “GOODBYE PRINCESS” animation series takes wicked turn ahead of highly-anticipated finale

LONDON, UK – Media OutReach – 12 December 2022 – Approaching a record-breaking 100 million views, global C-Pop star Tia Lee Yu Fen continues to attract immense interest for her animation series – “GOODBYE PRINCESS“. The fifth episode featured a shocking turn of events ahead of the hotly-anticipated finale.


The prince declared his undying love for the princess in the fourth episode. In the fifth episode “Temptation Apple” the happy prince and princess dance together in the castle. Snapping out of her happiness, the princess realises that the enchanting light that drew her into this wondrous adventure is moving further and further away. The princess chases it, leaving the prince behind, and finds a room containing a magic mirror, showing her previous life as a mermaid.

The mirror hands the princess an apple, and she takes a bite. The prince is not able to stop her, and the princess subsequently finds herself back in the ocean. The TV screen from the first episode is showing images of the prince giving an unconscious princess the kiss of life.

Accompanying the fifth instalment of Tia Lee’s “GOODBYE PRINCESS” animation series was a set of motion images and still photography, produced in collaboration with Vogue Hong Kong. It showed Tia in a Prakakaas hook and Poem skirt, looking in awe and wonder at the magical mirror.

With the finale right around the corner, what fate awaits the princess? All will be revealed in the enthralling conclusion of “GOODBYE PRINCESS“.

Official press materials:

“GOODBYE PRINCESS” Animation Episode 5:

“GOODBYE PRINCESS” Episode 5 Poster:
https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=686167262876498&set=a.231904644969431 (for downloading)

“GOODBYE PRINCESS” Episode 5 Still Image:
https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=691724972320727&set=a.231904644969431 (for downloading)

“GOODBYE PRINCESS” Episode 5 Motion Image:

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About Tia Lee Yu Fen:

Tia Lee Yu Fen, born in Taipei, is an Asian global C-pop star, film and television actress, and model. In addition to her acting roles and musical career, Tia appears frequently at major fashion shows.

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