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Dr Koh Hong Yi from TSN Dermatology Skin Specialist Clinic Joins the Largest Eczema Gathering in Singapore

SINGAPORE 8 May 2024 – Dr Koh Hong Yi, an esteemed Ministry of Health accredited dermatologist at TSN Dermatology Skin Specialist Clinic, recently spoke at the “Bare It All” event hosted by Eczema Support Group Singapore. With more than 700 sign-ups and close to 500 physical attendees, the event made history in the Singapore Book of Records as the largest gathering of people living with eczema in Singapore.The event was held on 27 April 2024 at the plush Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre and graced by MP Ms Tin Pei Ling. Dr Koh Hong Yi was the invited skin specialist, while other healthcare professionals included a pharmacist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician. Together, the panel of experts shared valuable insights with an attentive audience about effective eczema management.

As one of the most common skin conditions worldwide, eczema affects millions of individuals, impacting their quality of life and overall well-being. Recognising the importance of raising awareness and providing education on how to handle eczema, Dr Koh joined the gathering to share his expertise. During his presentation, Dr Koh addressed various aspects of eczema, including its causes, triggers, and management options. He also spoke about the latest developments in eczema research and treatment. The collaboration between Dr Koh and Eczema Support Group Singapore not only provided experts with a platform to share their knowledge but also gave eczema patients the opportunity to connect with an inclusive and supportive community.

Dr Koh specialises in medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatology. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Dr Koh is well-versed in managing inflammatory and immune-related skin disorders including eczema, psoriasis, acne, and skin cancer. Currently, Dr Koh is a senior consultant dermatologist at TSN Dermatology Skin Specialist Clinic, where his goal is to deliver good quality and affordable dermatologic care with a personal touch.

Founded in 1996, TSN Dermatology Skin Specialist Clinic has always been committed to providing modern and personalised care for all types of skin problems. Their comprehensive range of services encompasses all aspects of medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatology. Dr Koh, along with the team at TSN Dermatology Skin Specialist Clinic, constantly seeks to help individuals address skin health issues, be it through information dissemination or treatment solutions.

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