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Look to the skies as France kicks off its National Day at Expo 2020


DUBAI, 2 October 2021 – France is celebrating its Expo 2020 Dubai’s National Day with some out of this world celebrations in the skies and across 10 locations, with the main activities taking place at Al Wasl Plaza.

The festivities start with the fabulous Mister Sigrid, a crazy hatter, dressing visitors with eye-catching headgear in the colours of the French flag; while stilt-walker company La Zizanie, donned in alien costumes, sets the day’s theme.

Visitors can watch legendary Patrouille de France, the aerobatic team of the French Air Force, paint the sky blue, white and red during a dynamic aviation display from 13:45.

Another highlight is the parade on Avenue of the Nations, comprising students from seven French schools in the UAE.

The official ceremony takes place at Al Wasl Plaza in the afternoon in the presence of France Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian and Minister Delegate of Foreign Trade and Attractiveness Franck Riester.

In the evening, visitors can catch Ballet National de Marseille at the Sun Stage; while a world premiere of an immersive sound experience by aerospace company ArianeGroup and French audio technology company Devialet takes place at Al Wasl Plaza; and an enormous projection of astronaut Thomas Pesquet and Ambassador of the France Pavilion will appear on the Al Wasl dome, where he will speak live from the International Space Station.

The France Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is located in the Mobility District and, under its theme of ‘Lightspeed Inspiration’, seeks to explore light as an enabler of progress, a vehicle for connections and a source of creativity. With the visitor experience revolving around light, visitors are transported into a glittering, Monet-inspired vision of the country’s sustainable future.

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