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Samm Henshaw releases his new single ‘Still Broke’ featuring jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold and announces his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Untidy Soul’


Samm Henshaw releases his new single ‘Still Broke’ on 14th May featuring jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold and announces his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Untidy Soul’ due out in October.

‘Still Broke’ is anintrospective song that delves into the depths of modern day living and uncovers the universal truth that money and success can’t buy you happiness. Advice we often hear but tend to ignore, throughout the opulent visuals for ‘Still Broke’ you get a true feeling for Samm’s sense of humour, with his ability to always add his light hearted touch to everything he does. Samm partners with long-lasting collaborator Josh Grant who not only produced the majority of his forthcoming debut, Josh also worked with Samm on ‘Church’, ‘How Does It Feel’ and ‘Broke’ to name a few. The ‘Still Broke’ video – directed by Jim Pilling – is the first part of Samm’s new ‘Untidy Soul’ TV inspired series which follows the main character Sonny – played by Samm – and his journey to growth and self awareness.

“When I wrote ‘Still Broke’ I’d just been dropped from my label and broken up with my girlfriend right around the same time. It’s a song about how you can have everything you want in the world but still feel quite empty, and how success is actually internal—which is a lesson I’d needed to learn.”

Samm is now on a brand new wave both in his musical journey and personal life. His new independence has made him rediscover his love for music after feeling lost amongst the major label whirlwind. Suffering from what can only be referred to as PTSD following his departure from the label, Samm now truly feels confident and free to create openly for the first time in years.

A multifaceted, multi instrumental artist, Samm is now taking a totally honest approach to himself and his music and encourages others to get on board. As his album begins to take shape in the way he envisaged, he becomes more inspired and creative with each day that passes. Working on a number of things outside of his music including short films, merch and a fashion line to name a few, he counts the days down for his debut album to finally surface. For more information on Samm Henshaw, please visit: Spotify Instagram Twitter Facebook

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