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Local product and tourism: The Ranee of Sarawak

Old grey eco drawing paper kraft background texture in soft white light color concept for page wallpaper design, gray rice matte pattern for decorative wall.

Cultural diversity is a national heritage. In a country so diverse with multiple races, religions, and cultures, Malaysia is blessed with awesome multi-ethnic handicraft. Mostly inspired by nature or old folklore, the patterns are weaved into colorful rattan baskets and screw pines mats or decorated on bamboo as decorative items. Malaysia handicraft is our identity and often becomes must-have souvenirs for tourists.

In her Facebook post, Dato’ Sri Hajah Nancy Haji Shukri, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC) posed with a beautiful handwoven basket from the Ranee of Sarawak. It is a local product, beautifully and tastefully designed and suitable even for formal occasions. The workmanship is of high quality and it sets the craft apart from the normal basket weaved for domestic usage.

In Sarawak, each of the indigenous communities has put meaning to the craft they produced from rattan or bamboo. Originally, it was used as part of rituals, for example in farming ceremonies. The longhouse community, as told on the website has participated in craft development projects such as mat weaving, baskets weaving, and upcycling waste such as fan covers into beautifully weaved trays.

Indeed, it is a good effort in preserving cultural heritage in the form of arts and craft, and at the same time, its modern interpretation and styling make it appealing to become corporate gifts. It is like presenting a memory of Sarawak in nicely package with goodies such as Bario organic salt, red rice, Sarawak black peppercorn, complete with a tea towel or laksa paste. Now, you tell me if it is not awesome to be gifted with such a memory package.

Let us support local products and let’s appreciate the local heritage. The Ranee of Sarawak website is here:

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